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Below are some advantages of laminated labels.
  • Print & Base Materials are protected
  • Enhances Colours
  • Can be Wiped clean
  • Gloss, Matt or Satin Finishes
  • Resists Chemicals / Water
  • Can be used in Harsh environments
  • Provides Quality / Tactile feel to label
  • Long Lasting

The Lamination Process is achieved using Hot foil/Solvent Inks which are applied to the top of the material.

Barcode and Serial Number Labels

Barcode / Serial Number Labels

  • Stock Control
  • Tracking of Products
  • Unique Coding of Valuables
  • Can be Printed from Customers Database
  • Scan with Smart-phones

Serial Numbers, Barcodes or Both are printed onto Materials of the Customers choice using adhesives to meet the requirements of the Product they are being applied to. Logos, text and any additional information Are printed in various colours which can then be coated with a Polyester or Polypropylene Film Coating if required. This coating will also achieve a High Quality finished Label which will withstand Harsh Environments and resistance to Water / Chemicals and Abrasion.

Barcode and Serial Number Labels

Security Labels

Some Usages for Security Labels

  • A Visible Deterrent
  • Shows Clear Evidence Of Tampering
  • Brand Protection
  • Insurance of Warranty’s
  • Asset Management
  • Product Enclosure Seals ( For Boxes & Bags )

Security Labels are printed with customers information including

Logos, Warnings and Sequential numbering & Barcodes if required.

This is printed using our hot foil process onto a range of Security Materials.

These materials include Secure ‘Void’ Polyester which when removed leaves a layer of material on the product showing the word ‘Void’. The Label cannot be stuck back down so it has a double Security feature.

Security Labels

Hazard Warning / Chemical / Marine Labels

Some Usages and Advantages for these labels:

  • Instantly Recognisable Images (Hazard Signs)
  • Safety Awareness
  • Salt Water BS5609 Part 2 Approved Materials ( Marine )
  • 15 Second Industry Standard Rub Test
  • Long Lasting in Harsh Environments

These Labels are printed using a combination of background colours,

with Customer Information, Logos and Warning Signs printed if required.

The Label can then be coated with a Polyester or Polypropylene film to enhance the appearance of the finished label. This film Protection also allows the labels to withstand the Harshest Environments and will withstand the Industry Standard 15 second Petrol Rub Test. 

Hazard Warning / Chemical / Marine Labels

QR Code Labels

Some Advantages & Usages of QR Code Labels

  •  Easily Scanned With Smart Phones
  •  To Promote & Market Offers ( 2 for 1 etc. )
  •  To Link To Instruction Manuals
  •  Links To Websites & Information
  •  General Advertising

QR Codes can be used within a label for use by the customer to link to
Various applications or instructions. A code is generated using software and can be incorporated in the finished labels or used in there own right to be added to a product or literature. They are scanned with a smart phone or scanner.

QR Code Labels

Label Specialist

Langley Labels UK can supply a range of product labels to suit your needs.

Label Specialist
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