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Here at Laplace, we are a major source for emissions test equipment allowing you to self test and self certify your own products. There many standards to meet that require measurement technique and the acceptable limits. Our impressive selection of emissions test equipment has been designed to meet nearly all commercial standards, and many military standards too.


One of the key features of our contemporary service is the support we give to our customers. We provide a comprehensive training course free of charge within the UK. Our innovative systems are used worldwide and provide cost effective solutions for EMC measurements. Whether you require emissions or immunity test systems, we have an integrated test system to suit. We supply test equipment for all aspects of immunity testing both radiated and conducted.

Harmonics and Flicker

Harmonics and flicker are defined by EMC standards. Most products do cause harmonics and flicker, the amount created by each product may be only very small, but the overall effect causes problems for 1,000s on the local electricity supply network.

All of our valued customers benefit from unlimited technical and software support with no time limit to this support and software updates are included.

FTR FaulTracker

Our FTR FaulTracker is designed to be connected to up to 16 points in the system to be monitored with inputs accepting anything from low voltage DC to 265V ac without any adjustment. Our FTR FaulTracker monitors these inputs in terms of ON/OFF status and records any changes in the inputs with millisecond accuracy. We have designed these systems to record over several days or weeks to meet your requirements. The events can be replayed, one step at a time either on the built-in display or on a PC via the included serial port and included Windows application software.

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