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Larch Computer Service Ltd is a reseller of information technology products, supplying a comprehensive range of computer products & support services for those products.

Larch Computer Services Ltd provides a complete "end to end" network design and installation service from the initial site survey & performance requirement determination, through cabling installation, network infrastructure hardware installation & configuration, server & client PC installation, client software & applications software installation, to the final commissioning, testing and documentation of the completed network installation.

Computer Support Agreements

Larch Computer Services Ltd offers flexible Computer Support Agreements, which include:

  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Operating System Support
  • Network Support (Network Operating System & Network Infrastructure Support)
  • Backup Software Support
  • Antivirus Software Support
  • Application Software Support
Computer Support Agreements

Computer Services & Computer Support for Business

Larch Computer Services Ltd has been providing Computer Support / Computer Services to business clients in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, and the Thames Valley since 1986. Those Computer Support Services, initially comprising Computer Maintenance predominantly Hardware Maintenance, & Repairs & Network Support, have evolved, due to the increased importance of Information Technology generally, and Microsoft Networking Products & the Internet specifically, into a comprehensive portfolio of Computer Support Products and Computer Services which now include Computer Support for Software, Computer Training, Internet Services & Wireless Solutions. ISO 9001:2000 registered.

Larch Computer Services Ltd - Computer Services & Computer Support for Business

Computer Services & Computer Support for Business

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