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Here at Laser Components, we provide an impressive selection of optical filters including bandpass, short-pass, long-pass, polarisers, fluorescence, optical gratings, accessories, and filters for specific applications. 

Our laser optics range includes coated, uncoated, retardation plates, high power polarisers and IR. We stock optomechanical mounts, beam delivery components and lens systems.  Our diffractive optical elements, laser rods, crystals, protective windows and special optics include thin film polarisers and polarising components.

Fibre Optics

We stock assembled fibres such as standard, fibre bundles, coated, fibre collimators, and cables for special applications. 

We supply optical fibres including POF and cables. 

We manufacture active and passive components and accessories including:

  • Fibre optical couplers
  • WDM
  • Optical switches
  • Attenuators
  • Fibre optical modulators
  • Fibre connectors
  • Tools
  • Optical sources
  • Power meters
  • Fibre tester 
  • In-line monitors
Fibre Optics


Our Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) comprise of Si 200-1100nm, InGaAs 1100-1700nm, receivers and modules. Our product range includes single photon counting modules, high voltage modules and position sensitive.  We also supply:

  • PIN diodes (Silicon, InGaAs, UV, Germanium, fibre pigtail)
  • IR Detectors - thermopiles, PbS, PbSe, HgCdTe
  • Infrared diodes
  • IR arrays
  • Modules
  • Emitters
  • IR Lasers - singlemode VCSEL, DFB, PbSe


We distribute laser diodes such as CW, pulsed, high power, VCSEL, drive electronics for CW/high power, driver modules, and collimating lenses. 

Our laser modules include pulsed laser diode drivers, line lasers, low cost OEM, precision, laser pointers, mounts and power supplies. We also hold stock of emitters for telecommunications including LED, VCSEL, fibre coupled, and laser/detector modules (transceivers).


Measurement Technology

We supply a wide range of amplifiers including current, lock-in, GHz wideband, voltage, charge, OEM, photoreceivers (high speed, ultra low noise, ultra fast, variable gain), power adaptors and LEMO connectors and cables. 

Our measurement instruments consist of laser alignment systems such as precision laser modules with distances up to 100m, fibre optical measurement devices, and UV spectrophotometers.

Measurement Technology

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