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Laser Electronics Ltd, based in Skegness,  was established in 1992. We are specialists in the manufacture and design of hardware and software for laser light show entertainment. We have become a leader in the laser light show industry, and we have a proven track record and experience to provide you with the latest laser light show technology.

Laser and Image Software

We take great pride in all our products, but especially in our software. If you are looking for laser and image software , we can help you. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you with your requirements.

We were the first light show company to provide an online demo to test before buying. Our laser and image software has free updates and any new features are provided free as well. We put a great deal of effort into our laser and image software development. Our product is a great deal sharper and brighter than other laser software.

Control and Scanning Hardware

We can provide all your control and scanning hardware needs and we are backed up by the experience and knowledge to deliver the right product.

Our control and scanning hardware includes the new Sirius hardware design which has a multiple function bus that will allow one hardware design to accommodate many bus interfaces. We also have the latest and most affordable, closed-looped scanning technology, the new LESCAN2 scanning system. The scanning system comes with two looped optical scanners and mirrors, mount, cables and power supply.

To find out more about our control and scanning hardware solutions, please visit us or give us a call.

Laser Display Systems

We can offer you laser display systems to cover many different applications. We provide three laser display systems that incorporate many features that will provide the correct solution.

Our systems' features include:

  • Nemesis low-cost laser system featuring a low cost, reliable and high specifications
  • Showcase high-power laser system featuring our own high power DPSS laser system
  • Orion multicolour high-power laser system which is the latest development in DPSS laser systems

Lighting Products

Laser Electronics have a range of lighting products that are specifically designed for your application.

Our lighting products include:

  • LEDMX lighting control system to control all lighting products that use the Dmx protocol
  • EL wire systems, the latest in neon wire Dmx control systems

Refurbished Lasers and Laser Systems

We can provide refurbished lasers and laser systems, as well as used laser systems at costs. These systems are far less than the price of a new one.

Our website is updated regularly with our range of refurbished lasers and laser systems. Our stock changes very regularly, so if it is not on the website please contact us and we can see if we have it or can get it for you.

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