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When you contact Laser Trader, you’ll be talking to someone who knows about the laser industry - from first hand practical experience. Someone who can offer independent advice and provide the answers you need - quickly and efficiently.
Our business is based on a strong technical background, together with the commitment to providing a fast and flexible service. So, wherever possible, we offer next day delivery for essential items. And when it comes to the larger questions concerning system purchase, ongoing operation and programmed maintenance, we are always ready to discuss your requirements fully and offer our best advice.  

This can include:

  • Sourcing equipment
  • Installation
  • Emergency
  • Project management
  • Service Contracts
  • Beam diagnostic Equipment

Precitec Laser cutting heads - capacitive height sensing
Precitec Laser welding heads and monitoring equipment
Precitec Laser cladding and glueing applications
PRIMES Laser Beam diagnostic equipment

Precitec Laser Cutting Heads

Precitec laser cutting heads are manufactured from high-quality materials using state of the art technology.  The result is a range of high quality, robust cutting heads.  Even under the most difficult process conditions our systems guarantee you a stable process  with the integrated sensor technology providing a coordinated machining process. Our customers find they have gains in productivity, quality and process safety. 
The comprehensive product range offers various laser cutting heads for different applications and for different laser types, bothCO2 and solid state. Thus, our customers can decide for themselves which product matches their specific requirements and system requirements.  

Precitec Laser Welding Heads

Proven processing heads for CO2 and solid-state laser applications as well as quality control systems for pre-, in- and post-process monitoring. 

Precitec Laser Welding Heads

Precitec Laser Cladding Heads

Precitec supply processing heads for laser cladding with solid-state lasers.  They are useful for repair welding work on tools, turbine blades, moulds, surface coating and deposit welding.  They are compatible with many system types for example gantry systems, robotic and orbital systems.
Features include:
protective window cartridge
protective window monitoring system (presence, contamination)
integrated LWM sensors
optional monitoring camera
integrated power measurement
stainless steel cooling circuits
internal media supply
coaxial anular jet nozzle

PRIMES Laser Diagnostic Systems

PRIMES products close the existing gap for laser diagnostic systems for industrial manufacturing. The focus is on measuring devices for the characterization of CO2, solid-state lasers and diode lasers being used in material processing.  The wide range of robust innovative products particularly concentrate on power measurement, raw beam measurement and focus measurement.  Devices can be standalone or built into the laser system itself for seamless quality control.

Laser Consumables, Nozzles and Ceramics

We offer you high quality consumables, including mirrors, lens, nozzles, ceramics and teflon covers, all at unbeatable prices.

Manufacturers supported include Adige Sala® Amada® LVD® Mazak® Balliu® Messer Griesheim® Bystronic® Prima Industries® ESAB® Salvagnini® Trumpf® Haas® HACO® Laser Lab® plus many others - please ask.

Our high UK stocks mean that we can despatch most parts for next day delivery.

Laser Optics

Laser Trader can supply a comprehensive range of laser optics in both standard and bespoke designs. Selected for their quality and cost competitiveness, these items provide excellent value and come with our full technical support.

Products supplied include lens, reflective phase retarders, partial reflectors, beam expanders, beam splitters, polarization devices, mirrors and beam directors.

We will dispose of all used optics free of charge.

Service & Support

Minimising production downtime is essential in today’s competitive environment and to assist in this Laser Trader offers full service support for all Precitec products.

  • Vacuum leaks on laser resonators
  • System mis-alignment
  • Problems with laser beam mode structure
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