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Lasermet is a world renowned leader in laser safety, having been heavily involved in the development of the internationally recognised laser safety standards IEC / EN 60825 for many years. 

Lasermet is privately owned and is a ISO 9001 registered company. It was founded in 1987 and has been providing laboratories, hospitals, clinics, manufacturing facilities, universities and many other institutions with all of the laser safety expertise in terms of products and services needed to ensure laser operators, staff and other personnel are kept safe from the potentially damaging effects of laser radiation.

Lasermet’s vast experience in laser safety puts it in a strong position - worldwide - to define and produce laser safety products and services that meet the laser safety standards’ criteria. 

As a result, Lasermet designs, manufactures and installs an extensive range of products covering all aspects of laser safety, notably laser safety cabins for high powered lasers, laser interlock control systems, laser blocking curtains, screens and roller blinds.

Lasermet's headquarters are in Dorset, and the company has overseas offices in Illinois in the US.  The company has a Manufacturing Centre and R&D Development Facility located in Haydock near St Helens, Merseyside, and in addition Lasermet is represented worldwide by a network of Distributors.

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  1. Coronavirus (Covid-19) Priority Assessment Pods from Lasermet
    25 March 2020

    Every hospital in England is being asked to create priority assessment pods for patients with suspected coronavirus, the NHS has said.  
    To help meet the demand for Coronavirus testing, Lasermet has increased production of its modular testing pods, also known as procedure pods or storage pods.  These pods or cabins can be installed in a single day either inside buildings or outside in dedicated areas.   

    Due to their rapid build and deployment capability, the Coronavirus Testing Pods can be used to check for coronavirus by dedicated virus testing staff. These covid-19 inspection pods can also be used as virus isolation pods or for treatment, or for cold storage. 
    They can be installed in areas that may be difficult for conventional portable cabins to be located. As they are modular buildings, they can be built on site to virtually any size. If they need to be relocated, they can either be moved by forklift or they can be quickly dismantled, moved and rebuilt in a single day. 
    The specification of the modular cabin or pod can include a range of door sizes, windows, ventilation systems, electronic LED signage, lighting and heating. They are suitable for daily deep cleaning and are weatherproof for outdoor situations e.g. in car parks. 
    The pods are highly insulated and can be used for numerous purposes. They can be thermostatically controlled to keep personnel warm or they can be chilled to low temperatures efficiently for cold room storage applications. 
    The modular pods can be rapidly resized, rebuilt and recommissioned in a single day. For example, if hospitals require bigger pods, Lasermet can install additional modular panels. These covid-19 pods are designed for rapid deployment anywhere in the world. They can be shipped in containers as flatpacks and can be built on site by two people. 
    They are portable and re-deployable; they are clean-room capable; they are suitable for deep cleaning and can be climate controlled for heating or refrigeration. They are weatherproof for outside use and are available now for installation worldwide without cranes or heavy lifting gear. 
    Contact Lasermet for further details or visit 

    Coronavirus (Covid-19) Priority Assessment Pods from Lasermet
  2. Lasermet is pleased to announce the official opening of the new Research and Development Centre based in Cebu in the Philippines.
    25 October 2019

    This inaugural event took place on 3rd October 2019 and was attended by the new design team, and hosted by the Lasermet Directors at the new 4,000 sqft facility.  Lasermet’s sales team and international distributors from the Middle East, the Far East and Australasia came to take part in this next step of global expansion for Lasermet.

    Paul Tozer, Managing Director of Lasermet, announced that he was excited that Lasermet had reached this stage of international development with the help from his team led by Steve Geldard – Lasermet Director and Chairman of Lasermet Inc.

    Introducing the new R&D team led by R&D Manager Aljerico Taleon, Paul said “This powerful research and development capability means that the laser safety market and related markets, such as automation and robotics, are set for expansion for Lasermet.  This includes using our patented active laser guarding technology, ‘Laser Jailer’, on our ‘Falcon Active Speed Doors’ used in laser welding and other materials processing applications. Our modular ‘Laser Castle’ laser safety cabins continue to penetrate the market globally especially in aerospace, automotive, research and advanced engineering. The Philippines facility enables us to design and integrate laser safety systems into even more complex and technologically advanced production facilities.”

    Paul continued “More growth is planned to provide greater levels of support to our international customer base. We are planning to increase our manufacturing capability as our Research and Development Team increases in numbers. In recent months we have experienced tremendous growth in sales and as we expand our technical resources, I am confident that our international development strategy will be even more successful.”

    During the event, Aljerico introduced the engineering team individually and was able to demonstrate some of the projects currently under development.  These include a dual channel, safety rated door controller to be used for all automated doors systems and a network interface card for Lasermet’s highly popular ICS-6 laser interlock controller, featuring USB, Ethernet and WiFi comms allowing status monitoring and control from computer, tablet or mobile phone.

    About Lasermet

    Lasermet, the laser safety company, was incorporated in 1987 and designs, manufactures, installs, commissions and certifies laser safety systems worldwide to the appropriate laser safety standards. The company also provides extensive laser safety services such as Consultancy, Laser Protection Adviser and Competent Person services, and laser safety training to organisations throughout Europe, and runs a UKAS accredited testing laboratory testing products to IEC 60825-1 and associated standards.  Lasermet’s late Chairman Professor Bryan Tozer was instrumental in developing the IEC 60825 series of standards. Lasermet is a privately owned company with headquarters based in Bournemouth and manufacturing facilities at Haydock near St Helens in the UK. There are also offices in the US and a worldwide network of distributors providing technical and sales support.

    Lasermet is pleased to announce the official opening of the new Research and Development Centre based in Cebu in the Philippines.
  3. SPIE Opto-Electronics
    24 April 2019

    Lasermet are at the SPIE Conference in Prague and if you missed us in Photonics West this year now is your chance to meet Lasermet to discuss your laser safety requirements.

    Lasermet are the laser safety designers and manufacturers of world leading laser safety devices, interlock controllers, shutters, table top laser blocking systems and so much more - from software to cabins and laser safety eyewear to active laser guards.

    For further information visit

    SPIE Opto-Electronics
  4. Interlock Registered Trademark
    24 April 2019

    Interlock Registered Trademark

    Lasermet Ltd has now confirmed that Interlock® is now a UK Registered Trade Mark of Lasermet

    Interlock Registered Trademark
  5. Lasermet’s Laser Castle goes to The Japan International Welding Show 2018
    18 May 2018

    INTECH CO., LTD represent Lasermet in Japan. Pictured here is Yuumi Morimoto of Intech Co Ltd looking after the demonstration Laser Castle – Lasermet’s modular, rapid-build, certified laser safety cabin – at the Japan International Welding Show 2018, Tokyo at the end of April.

    Intech Co Ltd has been representing Lasermet in Japan for many years and some of the key features of the modular laser safety cabin can be clearly seen next to Yuumi Morimoto, including the Glaser Jailer – active filter window (which immediately switches off the laser if the window is struck by a laser beam); the new touch-screen (dual channel) laser interlock controller that ensures all the doors are closed before enabling the laser to fire; the dual-colour, dual-message LED warning signs and the sliding door (which can be motorised for automation).

    Further options (not shown) include the Laser Jailer (Active Laser Guarding) technology that prevents the escape of any stray laser beam by isolating the laser safety input in less than 50ms if the beam strikes the internals of the cabin, and the integrated fume extraction system – the Swallow

    Lasermet’s Laser Castle goes to The Japan International Welding Show 2018
  6. Lasermet Conference Award Winners
    20 February 2018

    Lasermet is pleased to announce the winners of the International Distributor Awards presented at the International Sales Conference held in Liverpool in January 2018

    This year’s awards were presented by the General Manager, Steve Geldard, and they represent recognition of the effort and success achieved by the distributors over the last 12 months.

    Lasermet has been designing and manufacturing laser safety systems and equipment for the last 30 years and the effort being put in by the overseas distributors contributes significantly to the success of the company. Consequently, when the distributors get together at conferences, they like to exchange ideas and discuss different markets and opportunities.  This is an ideal opportunity to increase global team-building which is topped by the distributor awards.  This year’s winners are:-
    Andrea Arcaini of Laser Optronic in Italy won the award for Top Salesman for laser safety cabins. 
    Melody Castleberry and Wendy Sheppard, both of RT Technologies in the USA won the award for the Best Performing Distributor.


    Liverpool was chosen as the venue being within striking distance of Lasermet’s “Laser Safety Cabin Manufacturing Facility” and “R & D Centre” based in Haydock. Naturally a tour of the manufacturing operations took place for the distributors. This enabled them to see the latest manufacturing processes, the different options available for customers (especially the range of cabin doors types and sIzes) and the latest developments in laser safety technology. The proliferation of high powered lasers has led to the increasing need for active laser guarding systems, active filter windows, an increasing amount of laser safety training and the requirement for containment of multi-kW laser radiation. Paul Tozer, Managing Director of Lasermet said, “This is a great opportunity for the distributors to meet and be involved with the discussions on how laser safety is becoming an ever more important factor worldwide”. 


    Lasermet Conference Award Winners
  7. Laser Photonics Munich 2017
    10 May 2017

    11/04/2017 - Lasermet’s Industrial Laser Safety Engineering comes to Munich – Hall A2 Stand 526

    The “Laser Castle” integrates “Laser Jailer” Active Laser Guarding Technology for multi-kW fibre and CO2 lasers as well as Fume Extraction - ideal for industrial manufacturing application

    Lasermet demonstrates the Laser Castle – the modular laser safety cabin with its choice of auto or manual doors, and full dual-channel interlock control which integrates Active Laser Guarding, “Laser Jailer”, and Active Filter Window technology, “Glaser Jailer”, to provide virtually immediate switch-off of any multi-kW laser beam that strikes the interior of the laser safety cabin. Turntables are catered for and Lasermet’s fume extraction systems can be integrated.
    Lasermet also produces and certifies a great range of industrial laser safety equipment and systems conforming to EN 60825. Services include FDA reports, Training, Laser Testing, Audits and Risk Assessments.
    Lasermet covers all laser safety aspects including LED Warning Signs, labels, optical table guards, laser blocking curtains, screens and roller blinds, modular enclosures, laser safety calculation software, filter windows, laser shutters (to PL’e’) and dual-channel Interlock Controllers (to ISO13849-1 PL‘e’). Lasermet is the One Stop Shop for all your laser safety needs.

    For further information visit

    Laser Photonics Munich 2017
  8. Fraunhofer CLA choose Lasermet's Laser Castle for laser safety
    11 April 2017

    Fraunhofer is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization with locations throughout the world and Fraunhofer CLA has been operating in the USA since 1994 developing new laser applications for a wide range of industrial customers. With its extensive expertise in laser materials processing and a state-of-the-art laser facility, the Fraunhofer USA CLA team helps to develop best process solutions including laser welding, laser cutting/drilling, laser cladding, and laser heat treatment. Fraunhofer’s facilities include Robotic and CNC work cells with fiber, disk, diode and CO₂ lasers up to 16kW and a state-of-the-art Metallographic Lab.

    The laser safety cabin’s main double-doors open to 10ft (3m) wide and are 10ft (3m) high to accommodate large pieces of equipment. The cabin is certified as laser safe (as required by the laser safety standards within IEC 60825-1 and ANSI Z136.1), and is interlocked with a fully dual-channel interlock control system. Fitted with High Definition CCTV and an HD monitor, an additional interlocked access door and dual-message, dual-colour LED Laser warning signs, the Laser Castle provides the complete solution.

    Active Laser Guarding - “Laser Jailer”
    As lasers up to 16kW are used, the only failsafe way to ensure the safety of personnel outside the cabin is to shut down the laser if an inadvertent laser strike occurs. This is achieved by covering the inside of the cabin with active laser guarding panels which are electrically connected to the interlock controller. These panels are constantly monitored by the interlock controller and if any of these are struck by the laser, the controller isolates the laser safety input within 50ms, shutting down the laser virtually immediately and preventing the escape of the beam into the surrounding area. In addition to the passive and active guarding provided by the cabin, the manual doors have two Active Guarding Filter Windows (called “Glaser Jailer”) and these are also linked to the laser interlock controller (ICS-6) in the same way as the rest of the active laser guarding system. They work in the same way. If the windows are struck, the controller switches off the laser virtually immediately. Fraunhofer CLA works in close co-operation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology (IWS) in Dresden Germany, one of Europe’s leading research institutes for laser material processing. For further information on the laser cabin please visit


    Fraunhofer CLA choose Lasermet's Laser Castle for laser safety
  9. Lasermet increases production of cabins
    30 January 2017

    Lasermet recently increased the number of staff at its manufacturing facility to provide greater manufacturing capacity to meet the increasing demand for the "Laser Castle" laser safety cabin.  This modular, rapid build cabin is installed in numerous locations all over the world. It houses high powered laser welding robots and similar equipment produced by others and prevents any dangerous, stray laser beams from escaping. The room-sized laser enclosure can be built to virtually any size required and is certified complete with interlock control, fume extraction, lighting, LED signage, automatic doors, HD-CCTV or active filter windows and optional  upgrades to include active laser guarding for virtually instant rogue laser beam switch-off.

    Lasermet increases production of cabins

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