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Lasermet is a world renowned leader in laser safety, having been heavily involved in the development of the internationally recognised laser safety standards IEC / EN 60825 for many years. 

Lasermet is privately owned and is a ISO 9001 registered company. It was founded in 1987 and has been providing laboratories, hospitals, clinics, manufacturing facilities, universities and many other institutions with all of the laser safety expertise in terms of products and services needed to ensure laser operators, staff and other personnel are kept safe from the potentially damaging effects of laser radiation.

Lasermet’s vast experience in laser safety puts it in a strong position - worldwide - to define and produce laser safety products and services that meet the laser safety standards’ criteria. 

As a result, Lasermet designs, manufactures and installs an extensive range of products covering all aspects of laser safety, notably laser safety cabins for high powered lasers, laser interlock control systems, laser blocking curtains, screens and roller blinds.

Lasermet's headquarters are in Dorset, and the company has overseas offices in Illinois in the US.  The company has a Manufacturing Centre and R&D Development Facility located in Haydock near St Helens, Merseyside, and in addition Lasermet is represented worldwide by a network of Distributors.

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Laser Photonics Munich 2017

Laser Photonics Munich 2017

11/04/2017 - Lasermet’s Industrial Laser Safety Engineering comes to Munich – Hall A2 Stand 526

The “Laser Castle” integrates “Laser Jailer” Active Laser Guarding Technology for multi-kW fibre and CO2 lasers as well as Fume Extraction - ideal for industrial manufacturing application

Lasermet demonstrates the Laser Castle – the modular laser safety cabin with its choice of auto or manual doors, and full dual-channel interlock control which integrates Active Laser Guarding, “Laser Jailer”, and Active Filter Window technology, “Glaser Jailer”, to provide virtually immediate switch-off of any multi-kW laser beam that strikes the interior of the laser safety cabin. Turntables are catered for and Lasermet’s fume extraction systems can be integrated.
Lasermet also produces and certifies a great range of industrial laser safety equipment and systems conforming to EN 60825. Services include FDA reports, Training, Laser Testing, Audits and Risk Assessments.
Lasermet covers all laser safety aspects including LED Warning Signs, labels, optical table guards, laser blocking curtains, screens and roller blinds, modular enclosures, laser safety calculation software, filter windows, laser shutters (to PL’e’) and dual-channel Interlock Controllers (to ISO13849-1 PL‘e’). Lasermet is the One Stop Shop for all your laser safety needs.

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