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As a leader in the field of solid /liquid separation, Latham International can offer a wide range of equipment from filter press and filtration equipment to de-watering equipment and effluent water treatment systems.

Our team of sales advisors and engineers are there to advise you on the best solution for your filtration system and filter press needs.

About Us

Latham International Ltd is situated in Newcastle-under-Lyme in the centre of England, between Manchester and Birmingham. Please click here to access our promotional video.

Range of Press

Our team of sales advisors and engineers can advise you on the best solutions for your filtration system and filter press needs.


Sewage Treatment Plants
Municipal and industrial sludges

Water Treatment
Alum and ferric sludges. Backwash water recovery.

Chemical Processing
Dyes and pigments. Titanium dioxide solid-liquid seperation in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry,

Plating and metal finishing, tannery waste, textiles, paint, etc.

Metals, Minerals
Hydroxides, precious metal recovery, mining etc.

Body preperation and glaze recovery

Food and beverage
Sugar beet and crane treatment. Brewing, edible oils, waxes and fats etc.

Filter Plates
Highly heat stabalised Polypropylene up to 95c PVDF for higher  temperature applications. Cast Iron.
  Membrane Plates
Integrally moulded  Polypropylene Detachable Polypropylene EP or EPDM All presses are available in either side bar or overslung version. Hydraulics can either be electro or air operated for explosive environments.
  Materials of Construction
Fabricated mild steel or stainless steel.
Range of Press

Service & Spares

In order to maintain the filter press we are able to provide spare parts and service

Filter Plates
Sizes from 250mm² up to 2100mm².
Polypropylene, PVDF Stainless Steel.
Recessed, Plate & Frame, Membrane

Filter Cloths
Sizes from 250mm² up to 2100mm². Tailored to suit individual requirements in a range of fabrics.
Spatulas (Cake Scrapers)
To manually aid where sticky cakes are a problem.

All hydraulic spares available,  including cylinder seal kits, filters, valves, etc.   Electrical
Photo Electric Safety Barriers, Control Panel Spares (switches, relays, etc), proximity switches, pressure transducers, and parts relating to the modular electrical wiring system on Latham International Filter Presses.
We are able to source spares for a whole range of pumps that are supplied with Latham presses, including Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps, Ram Pumps, HP Wash Pumps.
  Membrane Inflation/Leak Detector
The leak detector is fitted to each plate, usually directly into the Membrane connection. Used to detect membrane squeezing operation and detect the location of any leaks in failed membranes.

Our engineers, who have many years of experience are able to provide service over the telephone or are available on call out, to carry out emergency repairs or general servicing. Several parts held in stock for same day despatch.
Service & Spares

Test Work

In House and Site Filtration Evaluation Trials.

Latham International have facilities for filtration trials both in house and on site.

In house via our laboratory utilising pilot size equipment allowing basic trials to be carried out on small sample volumes.
On Site via our trailer mounted self contained test rig that requires no additional incoming services other than the material to be filtered.
Our mobile rigs allow for both conventional and membrane filtration up to 20 bar, along with inbuilt facilities for both cake washing and air blowing if required.
Test Work

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