LBF Technik GmbH


For over 100 years we have been fascinated in sheet metal. Tradition and experience are our basis, specialist staff, welders and technicians are our capital, and our apprentices are an important part of our future. We combine the advantages of a well-established, mid-tier company with short and flexible decision paths. We see ourselves as a “Made in Germany” company, but pursue international and global paths in procurement, in sales and, together with our LBF Poland, as a German-Polish power team within our company.

Engineering, Production and Assembly

Customers such as Siemens, Linde, Voith, GEA, Wolf and MAN entrust us with their enquiries, ideas and projects. There are also just as many companies who are from the industrial middle-tier who concentrate on their core competencies and use LBF as a supplier and partner for their sheet metal applications. We support you in construction and finding a solution with engineering, production and assembly. Together with you, we develop standard products or tailored individual solutions. It is our goal here to give you personalised, expert and reliable support. LBF services as part of larger projects include part of the 57km long Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland and the Brenner track in Austria; our Halar-coated pipes are used at AMD/Global Foundries in Dresden and at the Royal King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia. Industrial noise protection from LBF can be found in Cantarell in Mexico, in Abu Dhabi, in China and all over the world where our customers establish their facilities. We are also active in vibration technology all across Europe, as well as globally through our customers. 800 megawatt steam turbines in Germany and the Netherlands are standing on LBF spring elements, while standard turbines from Majorca to Russia have been equipped with vibration technology by us, including assembly.

Engineering, Production and Assembly
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