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Portable line boring equipment is the ideal solution for on site repairs and overhauls within industry sectors such as petrochemical, marine, heavy plant, offshore, and many other heavy industries. Our equipment has helped our wide customers base maintain an exceptional level of maintenance repairs. Our high quality repair solutions have helped to improve the performance of their equipment and help them succeed in demanding needs and environments.

The portability of our line boring machines means they can easily be transported on site to the job rather than transporting heavy work pieces to a workshop, culminating in less down time and transport costs. Line boring machines also allow the operator to re-machine and rotary weld worn bearings and holes ensuring they are restored to original manufacturers specifications.

Rotary Welding Machines

Rotary welding machines can also be an ideal solution for repairs and refurbishment for heavy industry companies as well as customers in the marine, offshore and petrochemical sectors.

Our equipment, like rotary welding machines, are affordable. The investment cost on our machines help clients move from a period of low profitability and losses into an expanding and profitable market. This outstanding turnaround is caused by improved use and service coverage of assets in the investment of new services and products. As a result, this creates new accounts and additional service value.

Warranty Program

Our warranty program ensures all our machines are supplied with a 2-year mechanical warranty cover and 1-year electronic control panel cover.

We have expanded our warranty program because of the wealth of machines out in the field without any manufacturing issues and breakdowns. Companies such as MST and Liebherr GB have had our machines for over 16 years and have never had any glitches. This exemplifies our machines robustness and durability and highlights our reliability and quality.

Demonstrations and Specifications

Contact us today to find out more on our range of products and services, as well as demonstration services and more detailed specifications. If you are interested in a demonstration then contact us and arrange a complete and detailed in-house or on-site presentation.

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