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ICL Tech Ltd. is a Glasgow based manufacturer of quality bespoke plastic products and components. The company’s background is vacuum & thermoformed general fabrications, display works and specialist equipment. Most of these products are designed and supplied for the oil & gas industry, police forces and the finance industry.

Our expertise in plastics engineering is well established and we can assist with design, prototyping and manufacture of custom plastic solutions. Our experienced team of plastics technicians are able to fabricate almost any plastic product using their Plastics Fabrication skills, including plastic welding, drape forming, routing, hotline bending, bonding, annealing and polishing.

We can also offer Screen Printing, Digital Print and Spray Paint Finishing to give your product a professional aesthetic finish.
ICL Tech Ltd. are BS EN ISO 9001:2008 approved and BAE Systems have also awarded the company approval after inspecting its premises and work procedures.

ICL Tech Ltd. see quality, service and reliability as the key attributes required for a thriving customer-supplier relationship and aim to ensure that all its customers see the benefit of the high standards the company provides.

Vacuum Forming

ICL Tech Vacuum Forming and 5 axis profile to customer specification across the range of thermoplastic material. The industry applications are wide and varied, from aerospace and automotive parts, to point of sale items.

Using our industrial Vacuum Forming machines we can create three-dimensional parts with complex flowing curvature, these componants can then be precision cut with our fully automated CNC Machines, ensuring tight tolerances are met.

Vacuum Forming

CNC Machining

Using state-of-the-art machinery ICL Tech can offer precision trimming and cutting of large and small, flat and three dimensional components.

Our large industrial CNC machines are capable of holding tolerances of +/-0.2mm and can repeatedly output near exact replicated parts at great speed.

From small batches and prototypes, to large scale production we offer a streamlined process to get your plastic components machined correctly

CNC Machining

Plastics Fabrication

Since 1973 we have been expanding our manufacturing capabilities and expertise. Our Plastics Engineers are able to produce complex parts using the skills they have learned in our training schemes.

Some of the processes we can use to fabricate your part are: hotline bending, drape forming, manual routing, various drilling capabilities, annealing, plastic welding, cementing and other adhesive processes, polishing and finishing, and etching.

Having all these resources, in addition to our industrial equipment, allows our Plastics Engineers to manufacture your part to your exact specification in-house, ensuring the highest levels of quality.

Plastics Fabrication

Screen printing

Screen Printing allows us to print complex graphics directly onto the required surface, without compromising detail or losing quality. Printed surfaces can then be vacuum formed to shape to produce a contoured graphic display.

Screen printing

Concept Development

Our in-house Design and Manufacturing Engineers are on hand to help you develop your concept from the ground up, ensuring the final result meets all your requirements, whilst minimising costs and lead times.

We can help you through the initial design stage by advising you on manufacturing issues and material considerations, as well as suggesting alterations to improve the concept.

Our design staff can then develop CAD models of your product, allowing you to see a virtual 3d representation and concentrate on the detail design of your product.

Using the many resources we have in-house we can then develop prototypes to ensure the product meets all your requirements.

Quality and testing can then be carried out by our Quality Department to ensure the product meets tight tolerances and standards.

Once you are satisfied that the product is perfect the project can be moved to full-scale production using our manufacturing facilities

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