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At LCM we are specialists in load cell technology and supply to many industries worldwide. Our range of load cells is unmatched in the industry for quality, choice and reliability. We can supply all types of load cells from high capacity tension and compression load cells to small beam load cells. We have an extensive range of standard products, but can also supply bespoke solutions for specific applications. Whatever your requirement, we have the product for you.

Load Pins

We have a comprehensive range of load pin products, including both standard and custom designs. Machined from high tensile stainless steel, our load pins are highly accurate and very robust, making them suitable for use in exposed locations, including prolonged immersion in sea water. We have the design expertise and industry knowledge to supply the right load pin to suit your exact requirements.

Load Shackles

We manufacture a wide range of high quality load shackles that are available as standard products or custom designed. Our load shackles are designed specifically for weighing and lifting in harsh environments and come with a comprehensive range of instrumentation options.

Load links

The LCM load link series has been designed for lifting and weighing applications in harsh environments, being manufactured from high tensile aluminium or stainless steel. Simple to install and matched to standard shackle sizes, our load monitoring links come in ratings from 1 to 500 tonnes and are environmentally sealed to IP65, IP66 or IP67 as required.

Compression Load Cells

LCM Systems manufacture a wide range of standard and custom designed compression load cells. Our range starts with very small compression load cells with capacities of 1kgs through to large 1000 tonne compression load cells. Designs include low profile, S-beams, pillar, button, annular and single point compression load cells.

Tension Load Cells

LCM Systems offer a range of tension load cells designed to measure tensile loads. The types of tension load cells available include s-beams, columns, low profile, shackle and link type load cells. Capacities start at 1kg through to 1000 tonnes, and as with all our load cells, our tension load cell range can be supplied with supplementary instrumentation.

Wireless Telemetry Load Cells

The wireless telemetry load cells we provide come in three main categories – The TELSHACK-B range, TELSHACK-D range and the RILLs load link series. They are far more convenient to use as they eliminate the problems associated with having long lengths of trailing cable, which can easily become snagged and are prone to damage. Our wireless telemetry load cells are simple to install and we have a wide range of capacities to choose from.

Beam Load Cells

From stainless steel beam load cells to alloy steel shear beam load cells, we have a multitude of products available in full detail on our website. Our beam load cells come in the standard types but we also provide custom design load cell products.

Displacement Sensors

LCM Systems manufacture a range of pressure measurement products that have been widely used for many years. All combine excellent performance of bonded foil strain gauge technology with single piece stainless steel diaphragm construction. Our displacement sensors provide an excellent price/performance ratio and are suitable for use in many arduous measurement applications.

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