LDA Transmission Engineering Ltd

Established in 1980 LDA is a leading specialist in the supply of a diverse range of power transmission chain,s conveyor chains, and associated accessories.

The 'Climax' brand name with over 100 years of tradition and experience in supplying world markets, produces the very best quality product meeting exacting standards for mechanical drive and conveying chain in todays market.

The 'Climax' range of 'Quality roller chain' available in both British and American standard have been developed to provide the user a chain with manufacturing design features that formulate such factors as fatigue resistance, wear resistance and tensile strength to provide the very best solution for long chain life.

From agriculture to heavy manufacturing, food processing and packaging, LDA can supply, adapt and manufacture the right chain or attachment accessory to meet the customer application.

  • Chains:
  • BS & ANSI Transmission
  • BS & ANSI Stainless Steel & Plate
  • Power Transmission Chains
  • Attachment/Adpated
  • Hollow Pin
  • Double Pitch
  • Agricultural
  • Rubber Top
  • Brick & Block
  • Accumulation
  • Conveyor
  • Slat Band & Case
  • Chain Tensioners
  • Chain Breakers

LDA Transmission Engineering Ltd Overview