Leabank Shielding Ltd


We have years of experience in the application of an extensive variety of coatings to plastic and metal products. These finishes are decorative and functional. In particular, we have established ourselves as a leader in the application of coatings which provide RFI protection and EMI shielding.

Using metal loaded paint on electrical equipment in plastic enclosures, injection mouldings or vacuum formings, gives the RFI protection (radio frequency interference).

EMI Protection

We are experienced specialists in applying metal loaded paints for RFI, ESD and EMI protection.   Using metal loaded paint on electrical equipment, it is enclosed in plastic enclosures, injection mouldings, or vacuum formings gives the EMI protection.

ESD Protection

Electronic equipment can suffer from ESD (electrostatic discharge), but with our ESD protection you can fully protect your equipment.

Using conductive coatings on electrical equipment gives ESD protection making them safe to use in hazardous areas.

Paint Spraying

We are specialist applicators of electromagnetic, anti-static and decorative paints. Our paint spraying solutions achieve protective and decorative finishes.

For more information on our paint spraying services, visit our website.

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