Leak Detection Specialists Ltd


At Leak Detection Specialists Ltd, we are the UKs leading leak detection company with a wealth of experience to deal with a variety of problems.It is our job to diagnose these problems to ascertain if you do have a leak or it is an alternative problem like a water table problem or a damp issue. 

We cover the following:

  • Heating Leak Detection
  • Boiler Leak Detection
  • Underfloor Heating Leak Detection
  • Mains Leak Detection
  • Pipe Work Leak Detection
  • Irrigation Leak Detection
  • Domestic Leak Detection
  • Commercial Leak Detection
  • Leak Detection Methods

Water Leak Detection

At Leak Detection Specialists, we understand the damage and disruption leaking water can have on a business or family home. We are equipped with the latest technology for water leak detection, whether it be central heating leak detection, plumbing leaks or under floor heating leaks we can help.

Our water leak detection methods establish the leakage area so we can recommend how to fix or replace the pipe quickly and efficiently.

We cover:

  • Heating Leaks
  • Underfloor Heating Leaks
  • Mains Leak
  • Pipe Leak
  • Irrigation Leak
  • Domestic Leaks
  • Commercial Leaks 

Domestic Leak Detection

Realising how devastating a leak can be to your property, we specialise in domestic leak detection services as a day to day business. Our engineers will aim to find your leak with minimal disruption, quickly and affordably, putting you back in control. We have a 99 percent hit rate of successful domestic leak detection whether it is large or small.

 We cover:

  • Boiler losing pressure
  • Central heating leaks
  • Underfloor heating leak detection
  • Mains water leaks (internal and external)
  • Pipe leaks
  • Water leaks
  • Thermal imaging

Heating Leaks

For heating leaks, our experienced engineers will be able to diagnose if the problem is the boiler or the pipe work. We can name the exact part of the boiler creating the problem and leave you with an answer to fix it. We can use thermography for accurate heating leak detection to pin point the leak area to salts diagnostics tests to ascertain damp issues or mains leak.

Thermography Leak Detection

Thermography leak detection involves the use of infrared imaging and measurement camera to "see" and "measure" thermal energy emitted from an object. We use thermography leak detection to detect not only hidden water leaks and their origin, but also moisture that cannot be physically reached with moisture meters.

Our thermography division is one of the most experienced in the country at carry out energy leakage surveys on commercial and domestic dwellings and businesses covering under floor heating leaks, flat roof surveys or heating system leaks for example.

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