Lechler Ltd

Lechler is the leading manufacturer of spray nozzles and associated products. With an offering in excess of 25,000 different products for applications in: -

  • Environmental Control
  • Chemical processing
  • Paper
  • Steel
  • Food and Pharmaceutical
  • Fire Protection

Hydraulic Nozzle range includes:

  • Flat Fan Nozzles
  • Full Cone Nozzles
  • Hollow Cone Nozzles
  • Solid Jet Nozzles
  • Tank Cleaning Nozzles


Pneumatic Atomizers

Pneumatic atomizing nozzles are available in various designs to comply with specific spray and flow requirements:

Self-aspiration (siphon principle)

Supply of liquid from a vessel located at a higher level (gravity principle)

Supply of liquid under pressure (pressure principle)

Mixing of fluids inside or outside the nozzle

Full cone or flat fan spray pattern available in all configurations

Pneumatic Atomizers

Compressed Air Nozzles

As a rule, any flat fan or solid stream nozzle can be operated with air instead of liquid. However, you'll obtain the best results using the nozzle designs we specially engineered for applications of compressed air or saturated steam.

In comparison to a single hole air nozzle the advantages are:

  • Reduction of the noise level of up to 12 dB
  • Low service air pressure with the same blowing power
  • Lower air consumption
  • Better blowing effect over a long reach
  • Lower operating costs


Compressed Air Nozzles

Industry and Applications

The use of spray technology within industry is constant increasing. Lechler engineers are currently active within key industries assisting application engineers develop new process and systems to improve productivity and quality. We can provide fully qualified support in a wide range of industries such as:

  • Metals
  • Environmental
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical Processing
  • Paper
Industry and Applications

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