LED Supplies

Our LED strip is one of the most comprehensive stocked ranges available. We have a massive selection of single colour and colour changing LED strip lighting and a wide range of accessories including LED strip power supplies, LED strip controllers and LED strip extrusion. All of our LED strip uses long lasting, super bright LEDs and feature ultra low power consumption making them a highly energy efficient and long lasting lighting solution. Check out our 'how to' videos which provide a easy to follow introduction to using led strip lighting.

Our videos are as follows

How to dim LED strip lighting

How to cut, connect and power LED strip lights

Colour changing RGB LED strip lighting - How to control

We can supply LED strips to a variety of lengths or cut to exactly the measurement you require.

LED Panels

Our LED panels are a very bright and low energy lighting solution. Our 600 x 600 LED panel lights can simply be dropped into existing standard ceiling grid systems and are available with a mounting accessory so they can be mounted on walls as well ceilings. Our LED panels are edge lit for a smooth light output across the diffuser and are perfectly suited for both domestic and commercial use. We design our LED panels to fit into existing, standard suspended ceilings and each panel comes equipped with power cable and mounting bracket.

LED panels are available in three versions - Warm White, Daylight White and Cool White. We can also supply high brightness LED panels for specific requirements and emergency packs for LED panels as well as RGB colour changing LED panels and colour temperature adjustable LED panels

LED Panels

LED Tape

LED tape is another term for the product most commonly called LED strip. This product is simply a row or rows of LEDs applied to a flexible printed circuit board and backed with easy to use sticky tape creating a highly versatile and low energy lighting solution. Buy your LED tape from one of the UKs leading LED strip suppliers

View our introductory video

How to cut, connect and power LED tape

LED Tape

LED Bulbs

We have a comprehensive range of LED bulbs available including bulbs designed to replace traditional GU10 lamps. These LED bulbs are very energy efficient and emit a super bright light.

Very bright outputting lights with low power consumption are ideal for replacing conventional domestic and commercial lighting and some series are available in a range of shades, such as warm white, and have an incorporated grade glass lens.

Our LED bulbs include:

  • MR16 LED bulbs - 4W - low energy usage
  • MR11 / GU4 LED bulbs - 1W or 2W - available in warm white and cool white with an optical grade glass lens
  • E14 LED Lamps - use high power EDISON LEDs
  • E27 LED bulbs - use high power CREE LEDs
  • AR111 LED bulbs - 9W - available in warm white and cool white with a long life expectancy
  • B22 LED bulbs - 7W - available in warm white and cool white
LED Bulbs

LED Downlights

Our LED downlights are available with a broad range of power ratings and can be produced with an ultra thin design suitable for recess mounting.

We also have surface mounting ceiling LED downlights available suitable for a variety of commercial and residential applications.

Our LED down lights includes:

  • LED Recessed Down Lights - 8W, 15W or 18W - available in cool white, pure white and warm white
  • Round LED Panel Lights - 7W or 14W - available in cool white, pure white and warm white
  • LED Surface Mounting Ceiling Down Lights - 12W, 18W or 24W - available in cool white, pure white and warm white
LED Downlights

LED T8 Tubes

LED T8 tubes from LED-SUPPLIES.COM emit a very bright light, are highly energy efficient, and have a very long life span. They are designed to last approximately 15 years based on eight hours of usage a day and come with a leading 5 year warranty. we offer a very comprehensive range from our standard series right up to our ultra high bright series which offer up to 140 lumens per watt

LED T8 tubes are operated through a mains supply and can easily replace your existing bulbs by bypassing or removing the control and ballast gear.

LED T8 Tubes

LED Lighting - leading UK supplier

We are a UK LED lighting supplier and leaders in our industry. We supply to trade and also direct to end users and have provided thousands of customers with high quality aggresively priced LED lighting solutions for a wide range of applications. Our projects include high street shop window displays such as the dior display in Harrods (as of September 2014), retail store lighting, LED lighting on premier league team coaches, colour changing LED walls at the O2 and much more. Our expertise and experience in this area means we can supply a diverse range of energy efficient and innovative LED lights and LED lighting solutions.

Our LED lighting product range is comprehensive. Please contact us with details of your requirement and we would be very happy to assist

LED Lighting - leading UK supplier

LED Drivers

Our range of LED drivers is very comprehensive, manufactured by PowerPax, one of the largest and most trusted power conversion specialists in the UK. Our LED drivers are available as constant current or constant voltage versions and we also offer standard and dimmable LED drivers.

Our LED drivers offer a consistent voltage output and feature PFC and an outstanding, average operating effectiveness of over 80 percent.

LED Drivers

LED Kitchen lighting

LED kitchen lighting which is extremely easy to install and available with a wide selection of accessories inlcuding straight and corner connectors, cables, power supplies and dimmers available from one of the UKs leading LED lighting suppliers

We have a choice of 2 ranges of LED kitchen lighting. Either our linear light bars or our puck lights. Visit the web site for more details

LED Kitchen lighting

LED Dimmers

We offer a wide range of LED dimmers and controllers for single colour LED lighting, in particular LED strip dimmers. We currently have over 25 different LED lighting dimmers and this range is growing constantly. Please click the link for more details on the range where you can also buy online

LED Supplies Overview