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LED Warehouse UK is a brand you can trust. We have spent many months scouring the globe for the world's best LED producers and tested LED bulbs, lights, strip lights, dimmers and related  products from them all. This means we stock only the best products made with the best components, designed to our specifications. Our LED Lights been tested thoroughly - so we know they are the best.

We pride ourselves on producing the best products at unbeatable prices: to back this we offer a comprehensive industry best 6-year warranty on all our LED bulbs. We also promise to beat any on-line price for the same bulb by 5%. You find it cheaper? Just contact us and we will beat it by 5%!!!!

How can we do this? We can do this as we deal DIRECTLY with the best producers to make our products to our specifications; meaning there are no importers, no distributors and no electricians taking a slice of your money.

Why LED Warehouse is the Best

As well as the best prices and longest guarantee on all our products, we are also the most liked LED light supplier in the UK! We began trading in 2013 on Facebook – see us here www.facebook.com/ledwarehouseuk We made a huge splash on Facebook by getting over 10,000 likes in 3 months. People could see what we have – the most popular LED products in the UK at the best prices.

We are an on line Warehouse with no public front shop, this means we keep costs way down which help to offer you these prices for this amazing quality.


Why LED Warehouse is the Best

LED Bulbs

We have the best LED Lamps in the UK. All products have been selected after testing components from the world’s biggest LED manufacturers. No one else has done this.


Bayonet LED Bulbs from LED Warehouse UK are all standard size and designed as direct replacements for UK - B22 bayonet fittings. Make sure you buy UK fittings.

This is the most reliable and solid 5 Watt Standard shape LED Bulb on the UK Market, guaranteed for 6 years, at an unbeatable Warehouse price.

Our 5 Watt Standard shape B22 LED bulb contains High Power 3020 SMD Bridgelux LED chips and a light output of an excellent 420 lumens.

This LED Bulb is housed in grey aluminium casing which has a large surface area for excellent heat dissipation. The surface area and casing ensure the long life of the spotlight as these bulbs do not get anywhere near as hot as your existing spotlights when left turned on

If your home or business has been fitted with standard incandescent or CFL bulbs then purchasing these bulbs to replace them will save you up to a ‘tried and tested’ 90% on your lighting electricity costs. Do you realise how much your bulbs are burning in power? Now is the time to reduce it and improve the brightness!!!!

LED Bulbs

LED Strips

This HIGH POWER LED Strip light is IP44 Gel Waterproof and has 60 x SMD5050 LED chips per meter. SMD LED strip light is great for use in your home, office, shop and is easy to install. This LED strip light offers a good intensity, brightness, even distribution of light and reliability. It displays 60 led lights per meter.

Available in 5M strips which will need a transformer load of 72 Watts (per 5M).

These LED Strips  produce continuous light and illuminate instantly, Ultra slim (4mm) and flexible they come in a range of sizes and colours to suit all applications. including under cupboard, plinths, recesses, shelves, wardrobe, cornice, shadow gaps, door frames, banisters, hand rails, steps and patios. The list is endless.

The intensity of the light is dependent upon the number and type (size) of the LEDs. The number of LEDs vary from 60 LEDs per metre to 120 LEDs per metre and there are two sizes, SMD 3528 and SMD 5050. The SMD3528 are 3.5mm x 2.8mm and are 0.08watts where as the SMD5050 are 5mm x 5mm and consume 0.24 watts.

To get your strip light working, simply connect your transformer / driver to the strip light  extending the cable with 2 core flex if necessary. Then simply connect your transformer / driver to the mains via plug or direct to the mains and you're away.

The Led roll has cut points every 3 led's so that you can cut it to desired length.

You need a transformer to run your led strip lighting, one transformer can run multiple strips.

You can find our range of led transformer in the Transformer category on the top navigation bar.

LED Strips

LED Flood Lights

Light up your outdoors for less with our NEW Slimline LED Flood Lights from LED Warehouse UK.

All our NEW Slimline LED Flood Lights are High Quality IP66 (Waterproof) units and ideal for security around your home, business. Our LED Flood Lights are suitable for all weather types and can be used to light the smallest or largest of areas. Colours available are Warm White and Cool White.

Our LED Flood Lights are ideal for replacing halogen and metal halide floods and can be used for a fraction of the energy costs. This one incorporates a 10 Watt High Power COB Chip and produces an astonishing 900 lumens, whilst using only 10 watts of electricity.

Not only do LED Flood Lights slash your energy consumption, they also last much longer than traditional floods at around 30,000 hours each. Our LED Flood Lights will cut your maintenance and bulb replacement costs as well as slashing your energy bills. You will also be doing a little bit more to help save the environment.

All LED Warehouse UK products comply with CE and RoHS standards.

LED Warehouse UK is committed to delivering the UK’s best LED products at prices that cannot be matched. We have scoured the globe and only stock tested products designed to our specifications using the best quality components. That's why we can offer an industry best 6 year guarantee with our LED Products.

LED Flood Lights

LED Tube Lights

Led Warehouse presents the best LED T8 Tubes specifically designed for UK use. All of our T8 LED Tubes have double end connections and are perfect for residential and commercial fluorescent tube replacements. They can be installed anywhere you may have a T8 series fixture.

This 600mm (2ft) LED T8 Tube Light consumes only 10 Watts of power whilst producing an astonishing 950 Lumens. This LED T8 Tube will replace your 2ft T8 Fluorescent Tube Lights (18w) reducing your consumption 45%. They also last 10 times longer than your existing fluorescent Tubes. It's a 'no brainer' for your home or business.

LED T8 tube lights do not require the use of either a ballast (optional) or starter, allowing you to save even more energy and ensuring longer lifespan. Installation is simple but does require some basic wiring knowledge - if you do not feel comfortable undergoing such work please do call an electrician. Simply disconnect or bypass the ballast during installation to install our LED replacements.

Available for commercial and residential applications including.

Available in both Cool White and Warm White. If you are in doubt as to the colour or anything else LED related then please just ring our team of very friendly experts for easy to understand advice.

LED Tube Lights

Commercial LED

We have the best LED Lamps in the UK. All products have been selected after testing components from the world’s biggest LED manufacturers. No one else has done this.


This 4w GU10 Wide Beam Angle LED spotlight contains 20 High Power 5050 SMD LED chips with a clear glass cover and produces a light output of an incredible 320 lumens. The Wide Beam and the High Lumens mean these LED GU10s are perfect for replacing your 50 watt Halogens.

This 4 Watt GU10 LED Spotlight gives out a huge tried and tested 120 degree beam angle of light, the widest beam angle of any LED Spotlight on the UK market. This is the UK's best selling LED GU10 Spotlight and we do it at a cheaper price than all our competitors.

The contemporary silver aluminium twist casing has an extra-large surface area, perfect for maximum heat absorption, which increases the life of the bulb. You can touch your LED GU10s after hours of use; they do not get anywhere near as hot as traditional Halogen spotlights.

This Wide Beam Angle GU10 LED will produce a better brightness than your 50 Watt Halogens with a fraction of the electricity consumption – guaranteed!! If you are the first to disagree we offer a no hassle 28 day full refund if you are unhappy; for any reason!! We aim to ensure that everyone is happy with everything they purchase from LED Warehouse UK

No new transformer or additional wiring is needed for our LED GU10s; our LED GU10's are specifically designed to 'plug and play' into standard UK 240 volt circuits. Just plug them into your existing socket and start saving on your energy costs.

Commercial LED

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