Lee Plastics Ltd.

LEE PLASTICS was founded in 1986, and has based it's H.O. in the south Leicestershire industrial village of Fleckney.

For more than 20 years the name of Lee Plastics has stood for success in offering a comprehensive range of material handling solutions.

Within our industry we believe that the demands to introduce hygienic handling products for the food industry is paramount and must continue into the future. The latest being a commitment to selling the IPS products, which includes their plastic hygienic pallets.

Our key products include:

# Plastic hygienic plastic pallets
# Plastic muti-trip packaging systems
# Plastic racking
# Plastic bins & lids
# Plastic mobile trucks with optional fitted lids
# Plastic base dollies for containers & bins
# Plastic airtight bins with lids, 20-100 litre capacity
# Plastic european containers in a wider range of colours

Lee Plastics Ltd. Overview