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Since 1947, Leeming and Peel have been manufacturers of various garter springs amongst other quality products. We use the latest CAD software to design spring products to your requirements and we can produce garter springs in many different materials in lengths or assembled.

Compression Springs

As an experienced compression spring manufacturer, we can design and construct various different types of compression springs from conical or barrel shapes to standard cylindrical forms with a bounty of materials available to use.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs exert a rotary force when applied and can be wound either left or right hand. We can provide many torsion springs and they are only one example of the many other springs in our product range.

Tension Springs

Tension springs are close, coiled helical springs extending under a pulling force, performing in the exact opposite way to compression springs.

Tension springs can come with the following end type examples:

  • Full loop
  • Reduced diameter loop
  • Enlarged diameter loop or hook
  • Hook end
  • Double twisted loop

Flat Springs

Flat springs are constructed of flat strip promoting their predominant use in restricted space conditions. Flat springs are made of many types of detailed radius bends and punched holes in various materials.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are springs that can be extended to a specific length to give a relevant force. We can provide a multitude of extension springs made from the following materials:

  • Stainless spring steel
  • Carbon spring steel
  • Alloy spring steel
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