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LEGACY Distribution is a Franchised Distributor of Passive Electronic Components specialising in the supply of RESISTORS for a broad range of applications. We supply a wide range of cost effective component solutions to OEMs, CEMs and Distributors throughout the UK. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality components and service levels which meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure a comprehensive range of components is offered and this is backed by high levels of customer support which include KANBAN, Buffer Stock, Contract Pricing and you can now contact us ’free of charge’ via SKYPE.

For further information please contact LEGACY on…

Tel:      01243 268131
Skype:  brian.wiggins77
E-mail: sales @legacydistribution.co.uk
Web:     www.legacydistribution.co.uk

Office Hours 8.30am - 6.00pm Monday - Friday

NEW…!SM Thin Film Precision Resistors, High-Voltage Metal Glaze Resistors, High-Power Metal Film Resistors

manufactured by ROYALOHM and distributed LEGACY. 

Manufacturers Represented:


Terminal Blocks, Audio Jacks, USB Connectors, Pin Headers, IDC Headers & Sockets, DIN41612, D-Sub's  


7-Segment Displays, Bar Graph Display, Clock Displays, Bi-Colour Dot Matrix Diplays, Bi-Colour LED's, SMD LED's, High Power LED's, Infra-Red LED's, LED Clusters 

Vitreous Enamel Wirewound Resistors (3W-14W), Axial & Vertical Mounting Wirewound Resistors (4W-17W), Power Metal Film Resistors (1W-3W), Tubular Power Resistors (5W-500W), Capacitor Discharge Resistors.

SM Anti-Surge Thick Film Resistors, SM Pulse Withstanding Resistors, SM Anti-Sulfurized Resistors, SM AEC-Q200 Automotive Resistors, SM Chip Resistor Array, SM Thin Film Precision Resistors (0.1% 10ppm/25ppm), Axial Precision Metal Film Resistors (0.1% 15ppm), ‘Low-Ohm’ Current Sense Wirewound Resistors 0R1-1R0 (3W), High Voltage Metal Glaze Resistors (1600V-3500V), Axial & Vertical Mounting Cement Wirewound Resistors.

Suntan Technology:
Cermet Trimmers, Snap-In Electrolytic Capacitors, SMD Electrolytic Capacitors, Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors,
SMD M/L Ceramic Capacitors, Suppression 'X&Y' Capacitors, Radial Dipped & SMD Tantalum Capacitors.

Thinking Electronics:
NTC/ PTC Thermistors and Sensors, Inrush Current Limiters, Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs), SMD Varistors,                      SMD Thermistors, Lightning Protection Varistors, Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs), PPTC Thermistors (Resettable Fuses).

WALSIN Tech Corporation (PSA):                                                                         RF Devices, MLCC's, Disc Capacitors, Inductors, MOV Varistors & Chip Resistors

Component Sourcing:
With more than 40yrs experience in the Electronics Market we are able to advise on cost-downs, offer alternatives, source equivalents and locate stock of that difficult to find component.

Precision & Low Ohmic Value Current Sense Resistors:
We stock a wide range of SM & Leaded (Thru-hole) Precision & Current Sense Resistors for Prototype Build (Design-In) and Production requirements including 0.1% 15ppm Metal Film Axial & 0.1% 10/15/25ppm SMD types, together with LOW-OHM Resistors from 0R0005 - 1R0 in SMD & Through Hole formats.






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