Legacy Habitat Management Ltd

Legacy Habitat Management Limited specialise in Protected Species, Mitigation Works, Invasive Species Control and Conservation Management. We undertake specialist environmental construction projects where understanding of ecological concerns is of paramount importance.

Invasive species, both native and alien are a constant challenge to land managers. Legacy Habitat Management has a wealth of experience in the control of a wide variety of invasive species in a range of situations.

Conservation Management has been the core business of Legacy Habitat Management since 1992. Legacy Habitat Management work closely with land managers in both the public and the private sectors. Our expertise is provided for:
  • Newt Fencing
  • Badger Fencing
  • Bracken Control (Pteridium aquilinum)
  • Rhododendron Control (Rhododendron ponticum)
  • Biodiversity
  • Mitigation
  • Conservation Management
  • Invasive Species
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