Legacy Manufacturing Inc.

Thanks to our high precision and state of the art CNC facilities we can machine and fabricate a whole range of parts and components. At Legacy Manufacturing Inc. we have built a reputation for being a one-stop-shop for all your machining and fabrication needs. Our services include CNC machining and fabrication as well as powder coating and painting. We also provide customized fabrication services and laser capabilities.

CNC Machining

CNC machining includes numerous computer numerically controlled processes such as milling, turning and fabrication. CNC machining is a great way to produce everything from an initial prototype through to a larger batch run of parts of components. We use the latest Mazak technologies to rapidly create highly complex parts and components. Our state of the art facilities can produce products in extreme details and at rapid production rates. We can take your idea from an initial design through to future modelling and full production runs. We combine CNC machinery with computer aided design. Talk to our dedicated machinists who have a combined 80 years of experience between them for more information on our CNC machining services. 

CNC Turning

At Legacy Manufacturing Inc, our CNC turning service is an economical and highly cost effective way to manufacture complex components and parts. Turning is used to create parts which are symmetrical around the axis of rotation. CNC turning is a subtractive process, meaning material is removed or fed through a cutting tool. The cutting tool can be fed at a variety of angels. The benefits of CNC turning include reducing complexity and minimising the amount of material which is lost during the subtraction process. We use the latest and state of the art CNC turning machinery. This allows us to create components and parts to your exact specifications. We can also manufacture to high levels of precision and extreme tolerances. Talk to Legacy Manufacturing Inc. today.

Laser engraving

We offer a range of high quality laser engraving and cutting services. Our laser engraving service can enhance your products, whether they are made in wood, metals and other materials. Using LOGILASE, a state of the art CNC system, as well as advanced laser technologies we can engrave your design or message on any surface we machine. Laser engraving can be used to provide a high level of accuracy to messaging and designs on your products. We can etch signs, materials as well as arts and crafts. We can also engrave electronic components. Laser etching can be quicker, cheaper and more cost effective than traditional machining and engraving techniques. 

Laser cutting

At Legacy Manufacturing Inc. we offer a range of CNC and laser cutting services. We work with materials such as woods, metals and plastics as well as textiles. CNC laser cutting is a subtractive processes which is used to make parts from a variety of materials. It means we can produce parts and components extremely accurately and with no tool force. Parts can be fabricated using laser cutting without the need for more expensive fixtures and tooling. With laser cutting we can create sharp corners and features which spaced very close together and which are quite intricate. Laser cutting created more complex parts and shapes. Laser cutting has numerous advantages over conventional applications such as punching or milling. Laser cutting can be much quicker and cheaper. It can also handle cutting smaller parts. 


Our fabrication services can be used to efficiently create a range of custom parts and components, at affordable prices. We specialise in creating custom fabricated assemblies and parts. Our fabrication services can create products to your specifications. Materials we work in, include stainless and carbon steels, titanium and aluminium as well as alloys. We offer a reliable, high quality and high performance metal fabrication service. Our fabrication services include a range of punching, bending and turning as well as cutting and welding. Working with partners we have cranes with 15,000 pound lifting capacities, more than thirty welding stations and CNC plasma as well as laser burning capabilities. 

Automatic saws

Using automatic saws, we can provide highly accurate cutting services, helping to fabricate parts and components. We can use automatic saws to cut steel bars, brasses and other alloys as well as castings and aluminium. We can also saw stainless steel. Our machining and fabrication services have the latest CNC machining equipment, automatic saws and computer aided designs. Our automatic saws service means that we can work with and accept a variety of different materials as well as different forms. We can process them as needed, cutting accurately to create your finished part or component.  

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