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We have a range of SAP capabilities designed to help improve run your SAP solutions smoothly and successfully. They are based on essential ingredients such as innovation, quality, strength and depth.

Our SAP specialist services include providing qualified professional SAP managers to help augment your team. Our SAP managers have a diverse foundation of experience to help your company deliver successful SAP projects.

SAP Basis

Our SAP basis and services include a vast amount of opportunities focused on bringing out business value. We can help organisations with existing SAP take advantage of our fixed price password solutions and aid SAP environments with cloud-based infrastructures.

SAP basis service also includes help with choosing a SAP partner, enabling you to identify a partner with ease and confidence.

We also offer a transformation service to allow your business and IT department to gain the full benefits of a SAP focused ethics. We can help design and implement SAP projects, support and maintain your solutions, and we offer a selection of SAP training courses.

SAP Security

Our SAP security services help and advice on strategies to protect your company against risks. We can help you plan and implement SAP security solutions to meet your own risk and compliance guidelines and integrate a set of tools to enable faster user provisioning.

We can successfully deploy SAP security strategies throughout your organisation, analyse your current status, and select the correct combinations for optimum security. We can also offer advice on all SAP related governance, compliance and risk issues. 

Lemongrass Consulting Ltd

Lemongrass Consulting Ltd is a world class consultantancy with comprehensive SAP experience.

Lemongrass Consulting Ltd aims to deliver innovative solutions for SAP applications. We have an exceptional history of successful projects and have all the superior qualities you are looking for in a service provider.

Lemongrass Consulting Ltd

SAP GRC Access Control

SAP GRC access control has built-in lists of critical transactions and a matrix of segregation duties conflicts. They allow you to determine if user or role maintenance introduces any risks into your organisation. It will then help you to take steps to mitigate those risks.

SAP GRC access control has the following modules:

  • Risk Analysis and Remediation (RAR)
  • Compliant User Provisioning (CUP)
  • Enterprise Role Management (ERM)
  • Superuser Privilege Management (SPM)

SAP Netweaver Identity Management (IdM)

The essential ingredient to fast and compliant access provisioning is the use of SAP Netweaver Identity Management (IdM). It offers one view of the access available to every person in your business.

SAP Netweaver Identity Management (IdM) also lets you know when access was assigned, who approved it, and allows it to be provisioned and deprovisioned automatically.

The result of this implementation includes better work productivity, especially when people start a new job and allows you to change details when someone leaves or changes role.

SAP Netweaver Identity Management provides the following key capabilities:

  • Single and consistent user identity provisioning
  • SAP and non-SAP user access provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Workflow based approval processing
  • Segregation of duties compliance management
  • Password reset self service
SAP Netweaver Identity Management (IdM)

SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Management supports applications from implementation and upgrade to interface monitoring and change management. SAP Solution Manager has a range of components suitable for all aspects of SAP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

We recommend SAP Solution Manager is deployed as an essential part of SAP basis support and maintenance.

It has features including:

  • service delivery
  • solution monitoring
  • system landscape management
  • job schedule management
  • root cause analyses
  • system administration
SAP Solution Manager

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