We are renowned leaders in signal technology and UK leading specialists in passive signal enhancement. We have particular expertise with cable clones. Our cable clones range now extends to include full 3G capability. It has similar attenuation v. frequency characteristics to coax cable over the wide frequency spectrum of the serial digital signal. 

The cable clone sets are easily stored and carried round in a typical toolbox. They require no power.

Passive Signal Enhancement

For all passive signal enhancement requirements, we are the source. We are UK leading specialists in passive signal enhancement. Whether you need to split, combine, isolate or switch your digital or analogue signal, our products have the bandwidth and performance to exceed your expectations.

We offer the complete range of passive filtering solutions from baseband to over 1000 MHz. Our standard products include all of the traditional video filters and delay lines, as well as many standard IF bandpass designs. Our unique approach to ceramic filter design and manufacture gives optimal, repeatable performance and allows us to meet our customers' strict tolerances.

Wherever a signal requires being transmitted, enhanced, cleaned, split or combined, we have the solutions.

  • Signal distribution
  • Video and RF filters

Ground Isolators

We specialise in ground isolators. The 3G Ground Isolator uses a broadband highpass filter to provide DC electrical isolation, while permitting the full bandwidth of the 3G-SDI signal to pass. This method outperforms all other broadband transformers for SDI signals currently available.

Also known as the 3G-SDI DC Isolation Highpass Filter, it is non-inverting and suitable for ASI format. The video isolation transformer acts as both a hum eliminator and a ground isolator while also improving the performance of the traditional individual products. The VIT01 will remove severe interference caused by 50 or 60 Hz hum, while a normal 'Humbucker' will only remove moderate interference.

At the same time it acts as a Ground Isolator eliminating ground potential differences between equipment with a minimal phase and gain distortion.


We offer a variety of options in splitters. The 3G, SD and HD splitters are suited for additional monitor feeds, remote camera locations and situations where size and weight are integral factors, such as racing cars, bikes and other sporting and research applications.

In addition, the SD splitter is designed to split signals up to 360 MHz. It is ideal for permanent installation in a studio as well as for temporary situations.

The HD Splitter creates two broadcast quality signals from one input, covering all formats up to and including HD. All connections are on the same face, ideal for permanent installations.

Bandpass Filters

We specialise in bandpass filters. We are the only dedicated video to RF filter and delay line manufacturer in the UK. A particular speciality is bandpass filters and diplexer design using LC or ceramic resonator components.

Quality and reliability remain at the heart of what we do. This approach has enabled us to build long standing, worldwide relationships with customers in the broadcast TV, communications and defence sectors.  We have recently delivered a range of innovative solutions including: group delay correction, amplitude equalisation, phase matching, arithmetically symmetrical bandpass filters and more.

As you would expect, our production and test facility is equipped with state-of-the-art production tools and Vector Network Analysers, enabling us to produce batch quantities for smaller, bespoke orders, as well as larger requirements.


We are suppliers of market leading relays.

The LEN serial digital video relay range provides full broadcast quality switching, for all data rates up to 540 MBit SD-SDI, 1485 MBit HD-SDI and 3 GBits/sec. They are ideal for applications such as power failure switching, where a local SD-SDI, HD-SDI or SDI source is automatically switched in on failure of an incoming signal from a remote source.

Video Isolation Transformer

Our top of the range video isolation transformer is both a hum eliminator and a ground isolator with improvements over the single products. This video isolation transformer will eradicate severe interference from 50/60 Hz.

The VIT02 also acts as a high performing ground isolator eliminating the differences between equipment with a minimal gain distortion and phase. The VIT02 was developed for medical applications requiring high breakdown voltages.

3G Ground Isolator

Our 3G Ground Isolator uses a highpass broadband filter to give a DC electrical isolation between equipment.

This is achieved while still allowing the full bandwidth of the 3D-SDI signal to pass. This allows our 3G Ground Isolator to perform better than all other broadband transformers for SDI signals. It is also non-inverting and can be used for ASI format.

3G Relay

The LEN serial digital video 3G Relay provides full broadcast quality switching, for all data rates up to 3GBs/sec.

This 3G Relay is ideal for applications such as power failure switching, where a local SDI source is automatically switched in on failure of an incoming SDI signal from a remote source.

Analogue Humbucker

We have experience in the broadcast field, stretching back many years to the analogue days. We still have a significant customer base for our ranges of PAL/NTSC Analogue Isolation Transformers and Analogue Humbucker products.

Further to the Analogue Humbucker, new products are continually being developed. As the market moves towards 3G, there is a constant challenge to keep up with increasingly high standards.

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