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Kurz is a major international supplier of hot stamping technology. Kurz hot stamping foils are utilised on a wide assortment of products such as labels, cartons, books, greeting cards, plastics, automotive products, heat transfers, credit cards and MDF. Thermal ribbons and coding foils convey variable information.

Cold Foils

Cold foiling is proving an increasingly popular way of decorating labels and general graphics products with a rotary process. In parallel, cold foiling is developing with sheetfed application in line with offset printing using either conventional or uv curing inks.


Kurz offer a wide range of security holograms for Brand Protection and document authentification. Kurz holograms are seen on sensitive products in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, tobacco, drinks, electronics and auto parts. In the security printing sector Kurz is the preferred hologram supplier  for gift and incentive vouchers, events tickets, exam certificates, cheques, tax stamps and ID documents.

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Plastic Decoration

Hot stamping foils are ideal for enhancing the appearance of plastic surfaces. Why? Because they allow exacting decoration combined with superior edge definition resulting in a high-class appearance of brilliant quality.

Whether you are interested in matt or brushed, metallic or unicolors, a single image or continuous designs - KURZ hot stamping foils always visual appeal.

For further information please see: www.kurz.de/plasticdecoration

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Desktop or inline printers, flat head or near edge head - our program of Thermal Transfer Ribbons covers the suitable quality for every type of printer and almost every substrate. The formulas are free of heavy metals in accordance with the European standard EN 71 part 3, and based on a large choice of colors open up almost unlimited creative possibilities.

For further information please see: www.kurz.de/thermal-transfers

Coding Foils

Coding foils are used to stamp various markings onto product packaging by means of a coding Devise. These marking provide the consumer with important information, such as the expiration date, the production date, the weight, or the price.

 KURZ coding foils are ideal for efficient product labeling and represent the very best in quality and performance. Our customers can choose from a diverse product line that includes a wide range of grades and colors. As a result, KURZ can satisfy even the most demanding requirements of modern product labeling.

Environmentally Compatible Standards

The KURZ Group has done outstanding work in creating products that will not harm the environment. The selection of non-harmful raw materials is central to the development and manufacture of our coding foils. KURZ refrains from using cadium pigments, chloro-hydrocarbons, and other ozone endangering substances commonly used in today's market. This is of significant benefit to both processors and consumers.

All foils in the coding product line comply with the strict limits in EN 71/Part 3, the EU packaging guidelines 94/62/EC, and the American CONEG specification for heavy metals and lead chromate.

For further information please see: www.kurz.de/coding

Brand Protection

Building up a brand costs millions - protecting it costs only a fraction of this. Optical security features from KURZ protect your image and offer an effective defence against counterfeiting. These economical and widely-used features ensure that genuine products stay genuine.

To prevent loss of sales and damage to your image, effective product protection is becoming more and more important - for example, through optically variable security features from KURZ.

KURZ is a member of IHMA (International Holographic Manufactures Association).

For further information see please see: www.kurz.de/brandprotection

Hot Stamping Machines

Thanks to its superior application machinery, state-of-the-art foils, and exceptional tool-making capabilities, KURZ has become a leading supplier of hot stamping technology. Whether used in the production of automotive parts, household appliances, home entertainment products, credit cards, packaging, or furniture, KURZ machinery and foils are helping to decorate a wide variety of surfaces around the world.

KURZ's application equipment has been expertly designed to provide optimal performance in a wide variety of production processes.

For example, our stamping machines can be easily adjusted to accommodate all types of hot stamping foils, as well as an exceptional assortment of shapes and substrates. Thanks to their modular design, many KURZ machines and handling devices can be integrated into automated manufacturing processes. They can also be easily coupled with injection molding, assembly, and packaging machines. In addition, KURZ supplies a broad spectrum of reliable machinery for stand-alone operation.

For further information please see: www.kurz.de/hot-stamping-machines

Hot Stamping Tools

As a member of the KURZ Group, Hinderer + Muehlich offers you a wide product range of hot stamping tools and stamping accessories. Please visit our website for more information.

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