Leotronics Ltd

Leotronics product range concentrates on connectors to suit all connection requirements - micro pitch - white nylon products - wire-to-board - board-to-board - mini and micro power connectors - FFC connectors and cables - I/O connectors - telecom ranges and custom made cables, focusing on these ranges enable us to offer the best technical services to tailor connectivity solutions.

Leotronics ranges of industry standard PCB connectors are available in pitch sizes 0.5mm-1.00mm-1.27mm-2.00mm-2.54mm-3.00mm-3.96mm-4.20mm and 5.08mm

We supply the following connectors,   2mm PCB Connectors 4.20mm Power Connectors   Microfit Connectors
A complete full range of SMT RJ11 and RJ45 has been added as well as shielded couplers for panel mount applications. UTP and STP cables are made up to customer specifications, complete range of telephone hand set cords / curly cords can be made in most standard colours coupled with any type of line cord.


Leotronics Ltd Overview