Lesley Pyke - Specialist Glass Engraver

Lesley Pyke began her Glass Engraving business in 1983. Many years of Hand Engraving and Sandblasting challenges by a myriad of clients on almost any crystal and glass eg: glasses, decanters, trophies, mirrors, even sliding doors, for any occasion eg: gifts, presentations, awards, personal, sports or corporate, weddings anniversaries and birthdays. Almost any subject eg: from a single initial to logos, animals, birds, family crests and coats of arms, buildings, lettering, old masters, flowers and plants, fish, insects.......Lesley's work has been commissioned all over the world.

Glass Engraving
Glass engraver
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Crystal Engraving
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anything from small glasses and decanters to mirrors and sliding doors, for any occassion, personal or corporate.

Offices 1 and 2 Halesworth Business Centre Norwich Rd. Halesworth Suffolk IP19 8QJ United Kingdom

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