Leuze Electronic Ltd


Leuze electronic spearheads technological advances in photoelectric sensors - making it one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of safety systems for protecting people - photoelectric sensors for accurately monitoring and controlling product flow - bar code readers and RFID for tracking - opto-sensors for distance measurement and data transmission - machine vision for quality control.

Protection - Safety Systems

  • Safety light curtains, grids and systems
  • Area scanners

Detection - Sensors

  • Stainless steel designs
  • Retro-reflective, Through-beam, Background suppression
  • Diffuse reflection
  • Fork
  • Contrast, Colour and Luminescence
  • Clear objective
  • Profile scanners
  • Distance measurement and Data transmission.

Auto ID

  • Fixed bar code reader
  • Omni directional scanner
  • RFID
  • Machine vision.
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