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Established since 2010, we are an organisation growing rapidly with innovative ideas and approaches towards our development and clientele.

In the simplest terms, we are like minded individuals, with a speciality in website development. We have over 5 years of combined development & commercial experience, which has given us the drive and focus you need to maximise your profits.

Within these years, Level 5 has worked with many different types of organisations. These organisations range from the media to the government sector. We are proud to say that many of these companies are still working with us today.

Level 5's confidence derives from watching an organisation grow; by using our invaluable expertise and experience, makes our organisation want to succeed further. Our objective isn't just to get a product/service complete, but to ensure it is done to your satisfaction and requirements.

We are keen to work with serious investors to create a growing relationship. Our priority is to support our clients all the way by thinking of new ideas to increase their profits!

Website Design & Development

Website Design and Development

When you're having a website developed for your company; we know you are keen on maximising your profits. With the internet being the main source for information, you are looking at approaching the world with your services.

Our main aspect is the development of content management systems. This allows companies to manage and maintain their website within a secured custom control panel. These systems are designed and built to fit your requirements.

This type of system allows you to store data, and allow you to manage information in ways you would feel you'd have to. Such facilities include tracking progress by having statistical reports on sales and profits.

Website Maintenance

Ensuring you stay ahead of the website industry is vital. In this ever changing industry, we can provide you a service where you could have a hassle-free environment; in which we at Level 5 can take care of your website at hand.

Such a service includes changing content, as well as maintaining the server in which your website is stored, and ensuring your system/server is up-to-date. We are a flexible service in a sense you can choose the type of management you require, and from there quotation can be provided.

We store and maintain websites in a Linux/Redhat environment. This is mainly due to a compatibility of the development language we use to develop highly advanced content management systems.

Domain Names & Website Hosting

What good is a website without a domain name and website hosting? We have been hosting websites for many years.

You can be assured your safe with us at Level 5; our highly advanced and friendly technical team are at your service when required. We know there is no such thing as unlimited web space and bandwidth. Our prices reflect on the type of service we offer, and our service attracts those who truly want to invest in the online market.


Do you have an idea of what you want? Is it advice you are after?

Web Consultancy with the right people is extremely important. It helps you make the decisions, generate plans, gives you an insight on future prospective, and provides you a sense of direction.

We have consulted many small to large businesses in their ventures. Many of these businesses have successfully reached their goals; and are still working with Level 5 to increase customer confidence and sales.

McAfee Secure

While lack of trust has caused 70% of shoppers to abandon an online transaction, McAfee SECURE™ trustmark service help retailers build consumer confidence and enjoy an average 11% sales lift. That's why over half of the Internet Retailer Top 500 use the service to build the trust that builds their online success.

Search Engine Optimization

Every web surfer uses search engines to find information and websites they're looking for. If you do not have your website seo optimized correctly; you could be losing potential business as well as page rankings.

Depending on the service you require we can take control of your PPC ads as well as optimizing your website to increase page rankings.

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