Levelstate Systems Ltd


Levelstate Systems Ltd is a UK based company that manufacture boiler drum level monitoring & measuring equipment for the power, petrochemical and manufacturing industries. Our systems are based on conductivity level probe technology. Our superior technology delivers a reliable and maintenance free solution to your level monitoring needs.

Our range includes Hydrastep type Electronic Drum Level Indicators & Electronic Level Switches, water columns (pressure vessels), conductivity level probes (electrodes), remote display units, Glass level gauges and valves. 


Levelstate Systems manufacture a range of electronic drum level indicators. The range includes solid state and microprocessor based units from 8 to 48 channels.

Features include:

  • Alarm and trip functions with relay outputs
  • 4-20mA output
  • Dual redundant power supplies
  • Remote display option
  • LED local display
  • User set conductivity selection
  • IP66 enclosure
  • Approved for gauge glass replacement


The principle of resistance probe discrimination between water and steam is well established and accepted by the Power Plant industry as the most reliable, convenient and maintenance free method of detecting alarm levels and initiating protective actions. 1,2, 3 or 4 independent probe channels in one electronic enclosure means the installed cost per detection point can be appreciably lower than traditional float level switches. The system incorporates a probe fault circuit that can distinguish whether probes are in a healthy state. The process fault circuit indicates a change in the normal operating state of each probe (e.g. from steam to water). The Probe Insert Assembly is welded into pipework or vessels at the selected detection points. This provides internal shrouding of the probe for defined water conductivities and a robust housing for external protection of the probe. Multiple Probe Pipework Assemblies can be supplied to suit particular applications.

Our range of electronic level switches include both solid state and microprocessor based systems from 1 to 8 channels.

  • Relay output per channel
  • Local LED display
  • User set conductivity selection
  • Independent channels
  • IP66 enclosure
  • System fault
  • single or dual power supplies


As the primary element in sensing level signals, the conductivity Probe is the heart of Electronic level indicating systems. Probes are made of stainless steel with high purity ceramic insulators exhibiting a high degree of chemical inertness at elevated temperatures. Pressure sealing is achieved through ceramic to metal vacuum brazing.

Levelstate use a superior brazing technique in all its probes. This technique increases the operational life of the probes, even in harsher environments.

Levelstate Systems manufacture a wide range of Probes for use in our own systems and also as DIRECT REPLACEMENT PROBES for the systems of all major manufacturers of this type of equipment.



The Levelstate side arm water column is made of large bore thick walled carbon steel extruded section conforming to ASTM A105. The seamless section design and fabrication meets the requirement of ASME B31.1 Power Piping Code. The water column is designed to promote condensation of saturated steam with minimum loss of temperature. Circulating condensate in the water column flushes the vessel and probes continuously. This prevents buildup of sediment and eliminates the need for periodic blow down. Specification Rating: 150 to 207 bar at 341 to 570 °C

Design standard ASME B31.1 Power Piping Code.



Levelstate will be in the near future producing a range of high pressure gauge glasses. Please contact for further details.

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