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Here at Lexicraft, we provide an advanced 3D-iD labelling system to make your labels stand out. The innovative system uses a polyurethane dome to effectively bring flat labels to life. Our domed labels magnified and enhanced your labels and provides protection for the label. Our domed labels improve weather and UV resistance.

Metal Nameplates

We manufacture stylish metal nameplates suitable for product identification, rating plates, branding and promotional purposes. We produce permanent graphics and data on metal nameplates in materials including aluminium, stainless steel and brass. 

  • Aluminium is anodised and anodically printed
  • Stainless steel is chemically etched (engraved) and paint in filled to reproduce corporate images
  • Serial numbers and bar codes are reproduced
  • Panels fronts are fabricated in the requisite materials 
  • Legends are permanently applied with the same techniques

Identification Tags

We create identification tags using laser or thermal transfer printing to reproduce alphanumeric or bar code sequences. Our identification tags are produced in materials and thicknesses to suit the operating environment including PVC, polyester and polypropylene. 

Industrial Engraving

We provide industrial engraving to meet your individual requirements. Contact our experienced team for more information on bespoke industrial engraving.


We supply high quality labels suitable for branding (logos), instructions and serial numbers. We screen or digitally print labels on flexible or rigid material to suit your application. We use pressure sensitive adhesives specified to ensure permanent fixing on your product housing or case assembly. 

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