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Liberon woodcare products is a range of high-quality products suitable for applications in the home and garden.

Liberon woodcare products include waxes, varnishes, oils, stains and dyes, French polish, and many other accessories. A stockist locator on our website will show you where to buy Liberon products in the UK.

Flooring Products

Natural flooring materials like stone, terracota and wood enhance the beauty of your home and enrich its spirit and atmosphere. It is important to maintain new flooring and preserve the charm of old floors.

Liberon supply a range of flooring products to help you take care of your flooring whatever the type or material. The flooring products are suitable for wood, stone and laminate flooring to help aid you renovate an existing floor or protect a new one. 

Wood Weatherproofing

Liberon wood weatherproofing products can help porduct new furniture or revitalise old furniture and the decking in your home or out in the garden.

Our wood weatherproofing applications can clean and brighten up your garden paths and patio. We have a range of easy to apply solutions that can transform items and give them the finish you want.

Woodcare Products

Liberon woodcare products uncover the original beauty of wood without damaging it. These products are simple to use and essential for caring for wood and can give old furniture a second life.

Our woodcare products include fine wood stripper to remove old paint, varnish or finishes and spirit sanding sealer to easily prepare a wood surface prior to waxing.

We also offer a repair, renovate, revive furniture kit and knotting solutions to stabilise wood before painting or varnishing it.

Wood Dyes

Use our wood dyes to add colour and enhance the brilliance and natural shading of wood. Coloured wood dyes give wood depth and contrast and make pieces of furniture look new and original.

Along with wood dyes, stains and coloured waxes can bring a new shade and colour to wood.

Woodcare Accessories

Liberon offer a range of woodcare accessories to be used on any material and can help any process you wish to try. Our woodcare accessories mean tasks will be easier more effective and help to ensure the best results.

Our accessories range include steel wool, brushes and a range of raw materials.

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