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A Driving Licence Check from Licence Check allows Fleet Managers, HR departments, Directors and business owners to validate the driving licences of those who drive on their company business against the driving licence records as held by the DVLA.

Our Driver Licence Checking and Monitoring Services help to protect companies from work related road risk, potential prosecution under the Duty of Care Act, S.87 (2) Road Traffic Act 1988, Health and Safety and the Corporate Manslaughter Act which came in to force during April 2008.

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Drivers Licence Check

Drivers Licence Check is a low cost Driving Licence verfication service from LicenceCheck that enables Fleet Managers, HR Departments, Directors and business owners to quickly and easily validate the driving licence records as held by DVLA.

With this high quality service you can forget visual manual checks, taking copies, chasing drivers and broken promises, by  accessing the most up-to-date records held by the DVLA. All checks are carried out online and delivered by our approved dedicated secure line via the government gateway.

Our licence checking and monitoring service is applicable to drivers who are authorised to drive on any company business regardless of their employment status. This includes vehicle drivers, contracted agents, employees, workers or any other individual who has the use of or approval to drive a company vehicle.

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Online Driving Licence Check

An Online Driving Licence Check from LicenceCheck is a cost effective electronic solution that enables companies to quickly and easily check their employees’ eligibility to drive on their company business. Our online driving licence checking software is simple, easy to use, practical and much less time consuming than any manual driver licence checking process that may be in operation.

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Driving Licence Checks for Employers

Driving Licence Checks for Employers is simple with the new LicenceCheck  ease to use, secure online portal. This high quality service is designed to assist employers to meet their legal responsibilities and obligations e.g. Duty of Care, Health & Safety etc

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Driving Licence Checks

LICENCECHECK offer  low cost Driving Licence Checks for Employers,enabling you to check your employee driving licence record without fuss 24/7 with 100% uptime.

Employee Driving Licence Checks should be an essential part of your risk assessment and duty of care policy.

LICENCECHECK manages driver mandates, verification and provides reporting along with consultation on managing “At Risk” drivers. Add LicenceCheck to your business for a highly visible 'Duty of Care' record that could save you from prosecution.

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Driving Licence Checking Service

LICENCECHECK offer a low cost Driving Licence Checking Service for employers. This service is designed to enable Managing Directors, Fleet Managers and Business Owners to run a full Driving Licence Check on their Employees for convictions, penalty points, revoked or disqualifications. We also track for vocational category entitlement, licence address matches, Photo card expiry dates and category entitlements etc. Our systems automatically monitors the DVLA driver record by checking the licence record using our auto-scheduler set by each customer requirements.

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