Lifestylesource Ltd

Welcome to Lifestyle Source, a membership organisation with a unique approach to taking the stress out of modern living. Everyone becomes a member - individuals and service providers - and has exclusive access to a source of vetted suppliers, all at a discount.
Service providers have been recommended and fully vetted before being accepted to supply their services.

Our list of services is continually expanding; we can give you peace of mind when doing any of the following:

moving home, planning a wedding, running a business, building a website, decorating, having a holiday, getting a reliable plumber, finding a reputable architect and an honest builder, getting fitter and healthier, getting correct financial advice or insurance - improving your mind, body and life…and much much more…anything is possible through us!

Our goal is to make lifestyle source your ticket to easier living!

You can become a member of lifestyle source and then use the experts at a discount.

We can help you in your home, in the workplace or in your business and already provide services to corporate, hotels, schools, gyms, estate agents and letting agents.

We have two types of memberships:

Lifestylesource Ltd Overview