Lifting Equipment Store


Here at Lifting Equipment Store, we specialise in the supply of high quality electric chain hoists. We source electric chain hoists from leading manufacturers including Yale, Donati, Demag, Stahl, and Red Rooster in 230v, 415v, 110v 3phase, 50hz, and 60hz voltages.

We have over three decades of experience and provide high quality and competitive prices, with wholesale prices available. We will export electric chain hoists worldwide. We supply low headroom and spark-proof hoists as well as bespoke hoist designs such as BIG BAG lifters.

Chain Blocks

We supply chain blocks from manufacturers including Yale, Raptor, Stahl, and William Hackett. Our chain blocks are suitable for safe working loads from 125kg-20,000kg (20 tonnes) and have height of lifts from 3m-30m. We will export worldwide and also stock a complete range of hoist trolleys and beam clamps.

Drum Handling Equipment

We supply a full range of drum handling equipment  and drum trucks at the most competitive prices. Shop online with next day delivery throughout the UK. Our range of drum trucks is second to none. We have drum handling equipment to suit every application.

Lifting Slings

We provide a wide range of polyester web lifting slings, round slings, wire rope slings and chain slings. We manufacture customised lifting slings to suit any application. We will re-web polyester slings using free issue hardware and supply metal end fixings and wear sleeves.

Toe Jacks

We supply toe jacks in all sizes from leading brands including Yale, Raptor and PFAFF-Silberblau. Our wide range of toe jacks include ship building jacks, bottle jacks, cable jacks, wall mounted, rack and pinion, steel jacks, gate jacks, farm jacks, and hi lift jacks.

Wire Rope Winches

We supply electric and manual wire rope winches up to 5,000kg. Our range of wire rope winches will suit all winching applications from vehicle winches to rigging winches. 

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