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TRANSLYFT benefits 

At TRANSLYFT, we are aware that the solutions we create create impact and value for our customers. Whether you buy a lifting table from our standard program or we design a solution, you can be sure that we always deliver a high quality product.

  • We participate in all aspects of the process from consulting and design to product development and production.
  • Our employees have expert knowledge about the industry, products and safety. 
  • All our products are Danish produced and developed by Danish engineers.
  • Our products are based on proven technology that increases efficiency and increases health and safety 
  • Our products can be customized and designed to fit your needs and work processes.

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Introducing Silverline

Because the choices of today matter tomorrow

Our new Silverline series sets a new standard for non-bespoke lifting tables.

Silverline lifting tables are made for the tasks of today - and prepared for the unknown demands of the future. You get Danish craftmanship and our fast Silverline service concept as well as a solid foundation ready for innovation.

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Introducing Silverline

Scissor Lifts

A lifting table with a single scissor is useful in many situations. It is extremely popular for bringing goods up to the most ideal height for the employee. This not only ensures better efficiency, but also you the best working height, and thus providing better working conditions.

A single scissor lifting table is often used for:

  • Handling of goods
  • Manuel handling
  • As a working platform
  • Machine input / output
  • Loading and unloading pallets
  • Packing lines
  • Built in roller conveyors

We offer a wide range of accessories and options that help your lift table meet your company's needs, such as:

  • Stairs
  • Roller conveyors
  • Truck sleeve
  • Chain mesh / Bellow
  • Turn table
  • Tilt
  • Intensive use
  • Bridge plate

Our lifting tables can be manufactured in ATEX, Hygienic Design, galvanized steel, stainless steel and painted steel.

Scissor Lifts

Hygienic Design

Translyft Hygienic Design

There is no need to argue why hygienic environment is crucial to your business. Nonetheless we would like to share a few points about how Translyft Hygenic Design can help you in saving cost and reducing risk by choosing our stainless steel hygienic system.

The four most important points on how the total cost of ownership will decrease by using Translyft hygienic design:

  • Higher food safety after cleaning - Fewer bacteria left on table (documented effect)
  • More efficient washing - Less time spend, Less water spend, Less Detergent used
  • Better durability in the rough food industry environment - Better components
  • Broad selection to ensure right solution and best ergonomic


Overall the Translyft Hygenic Design reassures a better hygiene chain and more efficient work place.

Hygienic Design

Loading Bay Lifts

TRANSLYFT loading bays can be used to compensate for smaller level differences, e.g between the vehicle and the permanent loading ramp. The loading bays are designed and equipped to handle large loads.


The loading bay is built for heavy loads and allows for fast loading and unloading of the goods. The entire delivery of goods can be loaded or unloaded in a few operation which saves a great deal of time. 

Loading bays are suitable for e.g:

  • Loading and unloading trucks or containers
  • For a difference in levels in warehouses, stores, basements, staircases etc.
  • Handling goods and pallets
  • Multi-height vehicle docking
  • Roll cage lifting
  • Buildings without raised docks

Our loading bays can be manufactured in ATEX, Hygienic Design, galvanized steel, stainless steel and painted steel.

Loading Bay Lifts

Standing Goods Lift

TRANSLYFT goods lifts are for use between different levels and mezzanins up to 4500 mm and are based on our scissor construction.

The goods lift can be delivered complete with shaft, doors, gates, handrail, scissor protection with for example bellow or chain mesh. The doors and gates are delivered with interlocks for security reasons.

Our Goods lift can be manufactured in ATEX, Hygienic Design, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel and painted steel.

Standing Goods Lift

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