Lighthouse (UK) Ltd

Every day, Lighthouse UK's sign and label printing systems solve common problems. Across sectors and industries, signs and labels help organisations to meet Health & Safety requirements, identify or track assets, and educate, protect or inform individuals.

At Lighthouse UK we already deal with more than seventy of the FTSE 100 plus thousands of other companies large and small. All our customers rely on us. Get in touch and you'll find that our people (at all levels) are very knowledgeable about our products and their applications. More than that, everyone is actively focused on delivering great customer service and we know sometimes it's the little things that also make a big difference - so we take care of every detail.

ISO Certified

Here at Lighthouse (UK) Ltd, we manufacture to the highest quality and ethical standards. Having achieved both ISO 9001 & 14001 certification, we pay particular attention to the impact of our production processes and products on the environment.

All our consumable products utilise cores and packaging which are both recycled and recyclable. Uniquely in our market, our printing cartridges are refillable, thus reducing waste, disposal issues and cost.

Lighthouse (UK) Ltd Overview