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LIMAB UK is a specialist in-process measurement company providing a wide range of non contact laser measuring systems and sensors for industrial applications. The systems provide in-process dimensional monitoring and inspection and help to reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality. We have a range of high precision laser distance sensors and are the official distributor for Beta LaserMike in the UK and Ireland for the LaserSpeed range of non contact speed and length gauges. Sales, customer support, commissioning and on-going product servicing are all provided by us from our UK base. 

LIMAB specialises in supplying laser measuring systems to a number of industry sectors. 

Steel/Metals, Gypsum board, Building Materials, Timber/Sawmills, Road measurement, Automotive

LIMAB LASER SENSORS                                       APPLICATIONS

 Laser Distance Meters  Thickness Measurement
 Laser Triangulation Sensors  Length Measurement
 Laser Thickness Sensors  Cut-to-length Control
 Laser Doppler velocity Sensors  Dimensional Measurement
 Laser Length Sensors  Profile Measurement

Precision Laser distance sensors - PreciCura

High accuracy range of  laser distance sensors -

The PreciCura is a family of high performance industrial laser distance sensors that are suitable for measuring up to a range of 8000 mm with a high degree of accuracy. There are three models in the range. The sensors can be used in pairs for thickness or width measurement.

Operating Principle
All PreciCura sensors use the principle of optical laser triangulation and will measure directly to almost any material or surface irrespective of colour texture or temperature.

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Long range laser distance sensor - XLR30

The XLR30 is a high accuracy long range laser distance sensor suitable for many industrial applications whether indoor or outdoor for measuring distances up to 30m without a reflector and up to 100m with a reflector. The sensor is supplied with a convenient set up software which also has graphing and recording functions.

Operating principle
The XLR30 laser distance sensor uses the principle of comparative phase shift to measure the distance to almost any material or surface.

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Steel Measuring Systems - HotProfiler

The HotProfiler is a multi-axis mill gauge designed to measure the true profile of round, square, hexagon or flat hot rolled bars. The gauge is also suitable for installation on any rolling mill or inspection line for continuous product profile measurement.

Operating Principle
The HotProfiler uses the laser triangulation principle; 18 laser sensors are mounted on a circular base plate with the lasers directed to the centre of the wheel. The wheel oscillates through an arc of ± 150 degrees. Each laser precisely measures the distance to the hot bar. The HotProfiler has a patented algorithm ensuring that the movement of the object in the measuring field does not affect the measuring accuracy.


  • Hot rolled round, square, hex or rectangle sections - full profile measurement
  • Cold round tube diameter & ovality inspection - complete cross section profile
  • Measurement of cold round or square bars for final inspection
  • Measurement of hot blooms and billets

Non contact length measurement - LaserSpeed

LaserSpeed gauges measure the speed and length very accurately on any of moving surface using a non contact laser Doppler principle. They are suitable for use on any production line including the harsh environments found in steel and aluminium rolling mills.

Operating Principle
All LaserSpeed sensors use the principle of dual beam laser Doppler velocimetry to produce highly accurate measurement without contacting the product. The gauge has no moving part, uses 100% solid state digital technology and is permanently calibrated.

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Gypsum Board Measuring Systems - GMS1100

The GMS1100 is a non contact laser based system for measuring the full dimensional characteristics of plasterboard in-line during manufacture. The thickness profile, taper profile, width and edge profile of gypsum board are all measured and logged.

Operating principle
The thickness is measured by a pair of PreciCura sensors which use the principle of optical laser triangulation, the width and edge profile is measured with a pair of ProfiCura-2D that use the principle of 2D laser optical triangulation.


  • Full dimensional measurement of plasterboard (gypsumboard or wallboard)
  • Thickness cross section profile on the wet end transfer
  • Board edge taper profile measurement
  • Continuous non contact in-line board width measurement
  • Board edge profile and edge angle
  • Thickness measurement on other board products including fire retardant board, insulation panels and foam products

Gypsum Board Surface Inspection - FalconEye

FalconEye is a complete stand alone system for on-line surface inspection of gypsum boards. The system will alert immediately a surface defect appears. Every board will be consistently graded and its image stored for archiving purposes. The recipe handling module allows each product to have individual criteria for quality sorting and reject limits.

Faults Detected
The FalconEye will detect all types of surface defects that can be found on gypsum boards down to a size of 1mm². These defects may originate from the paper, faults with the forming belts or problems with the gypsum core, all will be identified. Typical faults that the system will detect include: 

  • Scratches
  • Grooves
  • Depressions
  • Orange peel
  • Paper Tension
  • Foreign Particles
  • Finger Cockling
  • Paper Splices
  • Colour Spots

Protected installation
The system is designed to give trouble free operation in the harsh environment below the wet belt. Powerful blower system is supplied that constantly provides the camera enclosures with pressurised filtered air. The air exits from the camera apertures preventing the cameras from contamination from falling dust. Additional protection is provided by means of a mechanical shutter that will automatically close to prevent falling debris contaminating the cameras during production start up and stops. The lighting is provided by long life high intensity LED source.

Sawmill Measuring Systems - TSorter

The TSorter is a non contact thickness and width measurement system for sorting of timber in sawmills. The timber can either be in the green or dry condition is measured in-process on the transverse conveyor.

Operating Principle
The thickness is measured with two PreciCura SR sensors which use the principle of optical laser triangulation and will measure to any type of wood material. The width is measured by measuring the time the board takes to pass the lasers.


  • Thickness measurement of planks on a transverse conveyor
  • Thickness and width grading of wood
  • Green timber sorting
  • Thickness at planers
  • Width and thickness sorting of sawn timber

Sawmill Measuring Systems - BoardProfiler

The BoardProfiler is a complete system for scanning of boards on transverse conveyors providing high accuracy board measurement for grading/sorting or trim saw optimisation. The system uses high precision PreciCura laser sensors that provide a detailed board profile measurement. The number and location of the sensors can be chosen by the customer to suit your particular needs.

Operating principle
The boards are measured using a series of PreciCura SR high speed lasers typically mounted every 300 mm. This enables the entire profile of the board to be accurately determined. The lasers use the principle of optical laser triangulation and will measure to any type of wood green or dry.


  • In process board width & thickness measurement at multiple positions
  • Wane optimisation and automated cutting on trimmers
  • Shape defect measurement and cutting optimisation
  • Side bow measurement
  • Flatness measurement
  • Twist measurement
  • Board cup determination (concave/convex curvature)
  • Board length measurement (optional)
  • Full dimensional measurement on sorting or grading lines

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