Line Scan Ltd - a division Universal Eng Co Ltd

Documents, folders, books, magazines, invoices, drawings, photos, maps and other materials are scanned with specialist equipment and then stored on your choice of media such as CD, DVD & Hard Drive or the data can be hosted by Line Scan on one of our secure web servers for access by your approved personnel anywhere in the country or the world if required.

Once scanned we have secure facilities for the destruction and disposal of the original hard copy documents.

16mm and 35mm photographic microfilm is used for recording books, fine illustrations, photos and catalogues. Microfiche is used for catalogues, parts lists and drawings. Aperture cards holding 35mm microfilm are used mainly for archiving high quality drawings for long term non-digital storage.
  • Document copying and scanning
  • Film and digital media archiving
  • Microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards
  • Conversion to all media types
  • Archive search and retrieval coding
  • Secure document storage
  • Web data hosting
  • Project management

Line Scan Ltd - a division Universal Eng Co Ltd Overview