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LINE-X Protective Coatings Ltd are a  supplier of a wide range polyurea, polyurethanes and polyaspartic coatings for a large verity of applications including industrial coatings, water authorities, film props and automotive coatings.

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LINE-X Spray-on Van Lining

LINE-X spray applied van liners are sprayed as a single waterproof membrane that will prevent any liquids coming into contact with the vehicle preventing rust and corrosion.

LINE-X Van Liners are maintenance free, offered in a variety of colours and can even be colour matched.

LINE-X spray applied Van Liners offer a range of advantages, which include

LINE-X Spray-on Van Lining

Spray-on Van Linings Vs Ply Lining

A common problem with ply lining a vehicle is that it will absorb water or any other liquid spilt or walked into it, apart from damaging the ply wood and shortening its lifespan this can also cause the rapid growth of mould and mildew.

LINE-X spray applied van liners are watertight, and do not allow water/liquids to soak into the coating, therefore also protecting the substrate under the coating from rust and corrosion.

LINE-X's Antimicrobial coatings also prevents mould as well as bacteria such as MRSA

Spray-on Van Linings Vs Ply Lining

Certified "Food Safe" Coatings

 Transporting fresh fruit and veg? , Delivering freshly baked bread? Transporting any kind of food at all?

You may be worried about cross contaminating the food with the substrate of your cargo area, but fear not! LINE-X spray applied polyurea Van and Truck Linings are certified food safe!

LINE-X passed all the tests under EC Plastics Directive 2002/72/EC that makes LINE-X suitable for food transportation vehicles, food preparation areas and food storages areas.

Not only are LINE-X certified food safe but they also protect your Cargo area from rust, corrosion, water and the majority of chemicals such as diesel, paints and bleaches.

LINE-X can also offer an antimicrobial additive that has been proven to reduce MRSA and E.Coli up to 99.9& over a two hour period.

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Certified "Food Safe" Coatings

Truck Bed Liner Application

LINE-X Protective Coatings Ltd offer a fantastic Spray Applied Truck Bed Lining service across the UK.

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LINE-X Bedliner Advantages:

  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Tough consistant surface
  • Allows natural drainage
  • Doesn't crack, split or warp
  • Contours to the vehicles bed
  • Maintenance free - easy to clean
Truck Bed Liner Application

Vehicle Protective Coatings

The key to this technology is the airtight and watertight seal. This means no more rub spots, rust, or corrosion in your vehicle bed. Spray-on bedliners are also maintenance free, and with the growing improvements in the industry, the liners are now offered in a variety of colours and can even be colour-matched. The use of this technology is not just limited to vehicle beds. The polyurethane material can be used on bumpers, rollbars, trailers, and entire vehicle bodies. Since the material creates a watertight/airtight seal, it is the perfect finish for boat trailers and boat decks. LINE-X exhibits one of the highest tensile strengths, one of the highest tear strengths and one of the highest abrasion resistance than most other spray-in liner available. This makes LINE-X one of the highest performing bed liner.

Vehicle Protective Coatings

Chemical Processing Plants Protective Coatings

LINE-X SE-500 is the perfect protective coating/liner for Chemical Processing Plants, Oil & Gas Containment, Primary and Secondary containment and Waste water reservoirs.

SE 500 is scientifically engineered to provide a coating solution for severe service environments. With its highly cross linked formulation, SE 500 is impervious to a wide variety of commercial and industrial chemicals, including caustic and nitric acids, petrol, aviation and diesel fuel, kerosene and crude oil.

SE 500 offers excellent thermal stability and excellent chemical resistance and like all LINE-X products SE 500 contains NO CFC’s, NO VOC’s and is solvent free

Full independent test results available on request.

Please Call our Head Office on 01271 344 000 for more information.

Chemical Processing Plants Protective Coatings

Coatings for Manufacturing

LINE-X can be incorporated into most manufacturing processes where there is a need for a protective coating. LINE-X has installed several machines into factories that produce all manner of items.

Manufactoring Applications have included:

  • Speaker Manufactures
  • Boat Builders
  • Pallet Manufacturing
  • Heavy Plant
  • Light Plant and Machinery
  • Off Shore/Deep Sea Applications
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Film Set Props

Coatings for Manufacturing

LINE-X Protective Coatings for Construction

The LINE-X range of applications has excellent impact and abrasion resistance and provides the highest level of skid resistance and vibration and sound attenuation. The protective linings are designed to flex and expand with the substrate making them ideal for any construction and engineering application.

LINE-X Protective Coatings for Construction

Pallet Manufacturing

One of the UK leading suppliers of lightweight aircraft pallets uses LINE-X in house to strengthen their range of pallets. By coating the polystyrene pallets with LINE-X, it offers amazing strength combined with light weight, making the LINE-X coated pallets more cost effective to air freight than standard wood pallets.

Pallet Manufacturing

Packaging and Transportation

When transporting goods you need to protect the Cargo area of you Van/Truck as well as protecting the goods you are transporting.

LINE-X spray applied polyurea coatings protect your Cargo area from rust, abrasion, corrosion, water and a number of different chemicals that could damage the substrate.

LINE-X also offers the advantage of having slip resistant properties that benefit Cargo areas suffering from the impacts of foot traffic and also help prevent your cargo from sliding about.

If your transporting for the Healthcare Industries then LINE-X offer an antibacterial liner that has proven to reduce up to 99.9% of MRSA & E.Coli over a 2hr period.

If you would like to find out more about how LINE-X will benefit your Transportation Vehicles call Neil Tweedie on 01271 344000


Packaging and Transportation

Spray-on Bedliners for Landrovers

LINE-X Spray-on Liners provide long lasting durable protection to Landrover's beds as well as Truck Bed, trailers and Van interiors.

Being spray applied means the LINE-X coating will fit any style/shape of bed or cargo area.

LINE-X spray applied Landrover Liners offer a range of advantages, which include:

Spray-on Bedliners for Landrovers

Spray-on Bed Liners

LINE-X spray applied coatings have been advancing within the UK’s Automotive Industry since 2004, but the starting point for LINE-X was Spray-On Truck Bed Liners, and that is something that LINE-X Protective Coatings Ltd will never leave behind.

Fleet Managers and Body Shops continue to specify LINE-X Spray-on Bed liners onto their trucks due to the outstanding quality and advantages of the LINE-X Coating which include:

  • Prevents Rust and Corrosion
  • Tough Consistent Surface
  • Allows Natural Drainage
  • Doesn't Crack, Split or Warp
  • Contours to the Vehicles Bed
  • Available in Colours
  • Maintenance Free - Easy to Clean
Spray-on Bed Liners

Heavy Industrial Coatings

The LINE-X range of spray applied protective coatings are perfect for providing protection to a large Industrial working landscapes and heavy plant machinery, such as reservoirs, tractors, grain silos and roofs, just to name a few.

LINE-X has many qualities and advantages that makes LINE-X a number one choice for providing protection across many industries. Some of these qualities include:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Cushioned non skid surface
  • Sound dampening qualities
  • Watertight/airtight seal – no rust or corrosion
  • High elasticity properties
  • Doesn’t crack split or warp
  • Sprayed to any desired thickness
  • Universal, spray applied fitting
  • Tough consistent surface
  • Maintenance free

LINE-X have recently launched their new Aquaurethane Extreme coating which is currently the only High Pressure Spray Applied Polyurea with Regulation 31 Approval.

Heavy Industrial Coatings

Pipe Coatings - Interior and Exterior

LINE-X Protective Coatings Ltd supply a range of spray applied coatings which protects a range of substrates such as steel, fiberglass and wood from corroding and becoming damaged.

LINE-X can supply Industial applicators to coat both the interior and exterior of pipes. The LINE-X coating will prevent leakages and damage to the pipes.

If your dealing with pipes that carry drinking or fresh water LINE-X have a spray applied protective coating with approval from the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations, the UK’s most stringent and highest standard for water containment (Regulation 31).

REF: 56.4.874

Pipe Coatings - Interior and Exterior

Light Industrial Coatings

LINE-X spray applied coatings is perfect for providing protection to a large verity of tools, materials and equipment, including vehicles, boats, speakers, stillages, pallets and film props, just to name a few.

Light Industrial applications are carried out in house. You can find your cloest LINE-X dealer here.

What LINE-X can protect is only limited to your imagination.

Light Industrial Coatings

Speaker Manufactoring (Coatings)

LINE-X coatings are applied to  speaker boxes to provide an impact and water resistant coating to protect them against the inevitable damage that normally occurs when being transported from venue to venue.

When LINE-X is applied it crates a seamless membrane so it protects the joints from water ingress. The LINE-X can be applied with a verity of textures from heavy duty to fine depending on the requirements.

LINE-X can be applied in virtually any colour so the speakers can be custom designed to the customers colour request.

You can also view other LINE-X Manufactoring Coatings here.

Speaker Manufactoring (Coatings)

Heavy Plant Coatings

LINE-X protective coatings are used to coat the underside of vehicles that operate in harsh environments such as snow ploughs and gritters.

By coating the chassis, air tanks etc the LINE-X coating prevents the stone chips that damage the paint and allow the salt and water to reach the metal and thus virtually eliminate the rust and corrosion.

Heavy Plant Coatings

Coatings For Boat Builders

LINE-X spray applied liners offer superb protection against the extreme conditions of the sea; hence the reason why LINE-X is becoming more commonly used to coat the boat decks, hover crafts and other marine equipment.

One of the largest house boat builders in the USA now offers LINE-X as standard on its range of boats.

Coatings For Boat Builders

Coatings For Film Set Props and Theme Parks

LINE-X coatings are hard wearing, and can be applied to virtually any surface, which makes the LINE-X Coatings perfect for polystyrene film props and cheaper light weigh materials used in theme parks.

Spraying the props with the LINE-X coating allows a light weight film prop that will not damage as easily as the material under underneith normally would when exposed to the constant transportation and heavy handling.

Coatings For Film Set Props and Theme Parks

Metal Fabrication Coatings

Metal Fabricators are turning to LINE-X as an alternative to Galvanising. By applying LINE-X to the fabricated steel you are able to offer prevention against rust and corrosion along with cosmetically pleasing looks. LINE-X is available in virtually any colour so fabricated items can be customised to meet individual requirements.

Metal Fabrication Coatings

Agricultural Coatings

LINE-X spray applied agricultural coatings provide an impenetrable barrier between your valued equiptment and the harsh elements of the outdoors including salt water, snow and the consistent weather changes.

LINE-X prevents rust and corrosion by providing a tough, durable waterproof coating.

Other LINE-X Advantages include:

  • Forms a cushioned non skid surface
  • No Solvents - Environmentally safe
  • Spray applied universal fit
  • Even textured surface
  • Sprayed to any desired thickness
  • Forms a watertight / airtight seal
Agricultural Coatings

Coatings for Quads and Gators

LINE-X Spray-on liners provide long lasting durable protection to both Gators and Quad bikes.

LINE-X liners our sprayed straight on the substrate, providing a universal fit for any make or model.

LINE-X spray applied Coatings offer a range of advantages, which include

  • Extreme abrasion protection
  • An exact fit every time
  • Watertight and air tight seal, preventing rust and corrosion
  • Scratch and Slip resistant
  • Tough
  • Easily maintained
Coatings for Quads and Gators

Spray-on Trailer Coatings

LINE-X spray-on Coatings provides long lasting abrasion protection for your Trailers.

LINE-X coatings can be applied and used the very same day, allowing a fast turn around time, getting your trailer back on the road.

Spray-on Trailer Coatings

Machinery Coatings

Machinery casings can be coated with LINE-X to prevent damage from impact, rust and corrosion.

By using the LINE-X Prism Colour Enhancement System, the machinery can be sprayed to corporate colours and will maintain a colour fast, fresh sprayed look.

The benefits of using LINE-X spray applied polyurea coatings include:

  • All year round protection from all the elements
  • Protective qualities over a wide range of temperatures
  • Long-term adhesion to various substrates including steel, fibreglass and concrete
  • Stronger resistance to damage during transportation
Machinery Coatings

Horse Box Liners / Coatings

LINE-X spray applied coatings prevents the interior Horse boxes from urine attack, as well as provide a slip resistance surface for the Horses.

LINE-X is sprayed to a thickness of 5mm onto the floors & 3mm up the walls creating a waterproof tray that's anti-slip & very easy to clean, its also flexible so it will not crack with the movement of your building or vehicle.

To find your closest LINE-X Dealer visit our Locate a Dealer Page.

Horse Box Liners / Coatings

Coatings for the Defence Industry

LINE-X Military Coatings provide spall lining and bomb mitigation coatings for the defence industry and Architects.

LINE-X spall lining coatings (PX-2100) can be applied to Dyneema®, armoured vehicles, breast plates and other military equipment.

The LINE-X range of blast mitigation coatings (PX-3350), Known as Paxcon™, prevents buildings collapsing and fragmenting during a bomb blast.

For in depth information on our military products visit

Coatings for the Defence Industry

Aquaurethane Extreme - Approved by the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations

Aquaurethane Extreme has been specially formulated by our team of chemists to meet/exceed the requirements of both UK WRAS approval as well as Regulation 31, of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations, the UK’s most stringent and highest standard for water containment.

Aquaurethane Applications include:

Aquaurethane Advantages include:

  • Meets the requirements of both UK WRAS approval and Regulation 31, of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations
  • Sprayed to desired thickness
  • Touch dry in seconds - fast return to service
  • Forms a waterproof/airtight seamless membrane
  • Resists most common chemicals
  • Prevents rust, corrosion and other forms of deterioration
  • Approved by the Secretary of State for use in public water supplies
Aquaurethane Extreme - Approved by the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations

Polyaspartic Flooring Applications

LINE-X Protective Coatings Ltd supply ASPART-X flooring Applicators across the UK.

ASPART-X has been designed to hold all the benefits of polyurea such as high tensile strength, chemical resistance and Elongation but with the added advantage of an aesthetically pleasing, UV stable, stain resistant finish. Just like all the LINE-X family of chemicals ASPART-X has no VOC’s or CFC’s – 100% solids.

ASPART-X Applications include:

  • Industrial Floors
  • Domestic Garage floors
  • Wet rooms
  • Show rooms
  • Concrete patios
Polyaspartic Flooring Applications

What is LINE-X

The range of LINE-X applications are made up of a two part polyurethane elastomer system. Part “A” is the hardener and part “B” is a resin. Parts “A” & “B” are mixed to a 1:1 ratio to produce a polyurethane similar to a tough durable rubber like the sole of your shoe.

A massive advantage of LINE-X is that it cures in 3 to 5 seconds, giving it an immediate set time.

What is LINE-X

Graco High Pressure Machines and Spares

LINE-X Protective Coatings Ltd Specialise in the High Pressure Graco Reactor range of equipment, LINE-X is able to offer a full and comprehensive “Turn Key” solution for all of your Fast Set requirements.

LINE-X Protective Coatings Ltd suppy the following Graco equiptment:

Graco Spray guns, including the Fushion, Probler and GX Guns

Graco Reactor Units, including the E-10, E-XP, HXP and many more.

Graco Spares

Graco High Pressure Machines and Spares

Protective Coatings

LINE-X supply polyurea protective coatings across the UK and Europe.

Our range of Polyurea coatings are spray applied, and touch dry in seconds.

All our supplies contain NO VOC's, CFC's or solvents and therefore is environmentally safe to spray.

Protective Coatings
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