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Since 1992 Link Hamson has focussed on offering world class production solutions to the PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing industry. The company’s philosophy is to supply products that improve our customers production processes, show significant long term cost savings together and offer true low cost of ownership. High levels of customer satisfaction are achieved by using our expertise of the latest production processes to assist in the continual improvement our customers’ production processes.



Our global supplier base has products incorporating the latest technology from their particular market sector allowing our customers to benefit from the very latest technologies and processes.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Link Hamson supply Labels for PCBs, component identification and rating plate applications. Thermal transfer labels, printers, design software, ribbons and barcode readers, High Durability labels, a pre-print label service and auto-apply labels for label applicators. We can offer a solutions for for all your labelling needs.

Polyimide Labels

Polyimide thermal transfer label materials are designed for use in high temperatures and harsh environments such as the SMT reflow and wave solder processes used in PCB assembly.

Polyimide barcode labels, often containing the product identifier, serial number and batch code can be applied to the PCB at the start of the board’s production and are designed to survive the whole PCB manufacturing process including SMT reflow, wave soldering and importantly the PCB cleaning phase. The barcode label data is read by barcode scanners in the production process and collected for use with manufacturing information systems and where full traceability is required. Components such as programmed devices can also use Polyimide.

Our 714 Polyimide label material is a 1 mil white thermal transfer Polyimide which offers excellent print contrast and is ideal for applications where high density barcode labels or 2D (e.g. Data Matrix or PDF417) barcode labels are being used.

Our 717 Polyimide label material is a 2 mil white thermal transfer Polyimide and offers the same excellent print contrast but has a more rigid construction.

Green & Yellow Polyimide Labels

For applications where both tin/lead and lead-free processes are run side by side the green Polyimide label offers a simple, clear visual indicator.

A yellow Polyimide label is also available.

Green Polyimide Labels (1mil)
Yellow Polyimide Labels (1mil)

Labels for Auto-Apply

Polyimide Auto-Apply Labels are designed for use with label feeders on pick and place machine or with a dedicated label applicator. The Polyimide labels are placed just like any other component offering greater placement accuracy, key for barcode applications where production data is collected during the manufacturing process as the fixed barcode readers are scanning only a small area of the PCB.

Polyester Labels

Polyester labels are the most common labels used in manufacturing industries and Link Hamson stock both white polyester labels and metallised polyester labels in a large range of sizes and with UL approvals. We also offer a clear polyester for applications where the colour of the product should be seen rather than the label. Polyester labels offer a high quality, durable printed label solution and can be used for a variety of applications:-

PCB and component labelling post reflow, product identification, barcode labels, tracking, serial number, product information labels, warning labels and rating plate labels.

You can use a clear polyester label as a lamination, very common when you need a highly durable label which can withstand daily handling, on a remote control or hand held instrument for example.

High Durability Polyester Labels

Link Hamson now offer a permanent printed polyester label solution which has been tested and proven to be a very durable label even in the harshest environments and most extreme chemical cleaning applications. Printed by thermal transfer technology the ink does not come off in even in the harshest of chemical environments. Including: IPA, MEK, EnSolve, Abzol, Feron141b, Zestron cleaning fluids, Vigon cleaning fluids, Kyzen cleaning fluids, Toluene, Xylene and many more.

These are available in both a high durabiliy white polyester and metallic silver and the printing can include fine text, graphics and barcodes (1D or 2D Data Matrix).

Label applications include:

* Barcode marking for harsh environments.
* Marking solder paste stencils for tracking purposes
* Identifying PCB’s through the board cleaning process
* Marking products and equipment used in harsh environments.

Removable Polyester labels

For applications requiring a label for temporary marking, Link Hamson can provide a removable polyester label without leaving adhesive marks.

Paper and Polypropylene removable labels are also available depending on the conditions the label will encounter (Indoor/Outdoor, Moisture, etc.).

Hologram Labels

These holographic labels have text or graphics in a 3D effect so that they are virtually impossible to reproduce. When tampered with, they will become damaged and it will not be possible to reposition them or transfer them to another product. A perfect tamperproof label solution for product security and identification.

Tamper Evident Labels (Eggshell)

A white vinyl label which, when attempting to peel or remove from the original product will only chip and break apart. As it’s impossible to remove in one piece the label can never be transferred to another a tamper proof label to protect your products.

Clean Room Labels

Clean room labels requires the material, liner and label core the be clean room compliant.

We can provide a polyester label for product, PCB and component labelling or a polypropylene label for carton and packaging (alternative to paper which cannot be taken in to a clean room).

Void Polyester Labels

Looking like any other polyester label, these security labels leave behind a VOID mark when they are peeled back or torn off and cannot be stuck down again or used on another product.

Gloss White VOID Polyester

VOID Metallised Polyester

Wire & Cable Marking Labels

Marking any cable requires the label material to be flexible, durable and also withstand the same conditions as the cable and the physical product, possibly for many years. For these reasons we offer a clear vinyl label, manufactured with an imprintable white area. You simply apply the label with the text visible and wrap the clear part around the cable and back over the white, printed area, like a laminate.

Often referred to as self-laminating labels we offer a wide range of widths and lengths to suit all cable types. In addition we can provide coloured cable marking labels to allow unique visual marking. Unlike heat-shrink sleeve cable markers our self-laminating cable labels can be applied on cables already assembled (with connectors) as they don’t have to be slipped over the terminated end of the cable.

UL, FDA & BgVV approved.
Service temperatures:
-40¿C to +82¿C

-45¿C to +107¿C

Paper and Polypropylene Labels

Used for packaging, carton and shipping our paper labels offer good print quality at an affordable price.

Available in a range of colours, including fluorescent.

Polypropylene offers a higher quality label at a low price – very good for product packaging.

White Permanent Paper Label

White Polypropylene Label

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

For any durable label application, both print quality and resistance of the printed image when exposed to
chemicals and abrasion is essential. In most cases the base label material is identified first as it needs
to fulfil its key objective, e.g. a Polyimide material for PCB barcode labels, required to withstand the
SMT reflow or direct wave processes.
The ribbon choice however is more complex and the range of thermal transfer ribbons is vast therefore
in order to achieve the best printed label result it’s important to select an optimum thermal transfer
ribbon suitable for the label material, the application and for the thermal transfer label printer itself.


Use our thermal ribbon application guide to assist with the selection of ribbons suitable for your needs.

Thermal Label Printers

Link Hamson provide a wide range of thermal printers for labelling equipment, packaging, barcode labels etc. Label software supporting many barcode types with advanced features are also available.

Sato Printers Model CL412e

The SATO CL412e is our recommended industrial quality printer for all electronics label applications when using polyimide and polyester materials. It is ideally suited to small part labelling such as PCB barcode labels, serial number labels, component identification (device labelling) and rating plate labels. The SATO CL412e accepts all our standard stock thermal transfer labels and compatible ribbons.

Print Type Direct or Thermal Transfer
Resolution 12 dots/mm (305 dpi)
Max. Speed 150 mm/sec (6 ips)

Max. Print Width 104 mm (4")

Sato Printers Model GL412e

The SATO GL412e industrial label printer offers the same print quality when using polyimide and polyester label materials as the CL412e and can be used for all PCB barcode labels, serial number labels, component identification (device labelling) and rating plate labels. It also offers advanced user features for automation and networking. The SATO GL412e accepts all our standard stock thermal transfer labels and compatible ribbons.

Print Type Direct or Thermal Transfer
Resolution 12 dots/mm (305 dpi)
Max. Speed max. up to 254 mm/sec (10 ips)
Max. Print Width 104 mm (4")

Sato Printers Model Model GTe424e

The SATO GTe424e industrial label printer offers superb 600dpi print quality, ideal for finished product and rating plate labels when using our gloss polyester labels. It provides the best solution for high quality graphics, crisp barcodes and clear text. The SATO GTe424e accepts all our standard stock thermal transfer labels and compatible ribbons.

Print Type Direct or Thermal Transfer
Resolution 24 dots/mm (609 dpi)
Max. Speed 150 mm/sec (6 ips)

Max. Print Width 104 mm (4.1")

Zebra Printers Model GK420t

The Zebra GK420t desktop printer with its 200dpi printhead and low price is ideal for general paper, polypropylene and polyester label printing such as packing, carton and address labels. It accepts most of our standard stock thermal transfer labels (3” core) stored externally or we can provide labels on a 1” core for internal storage. A range of resin & wax ribbons are available for printing on Polyimide, Polyesters, Vinyl and paper label materials.

Print Type Direct or Thermal Transfer
Resolution 8 dots/mm (203 dpi)
Max. Speed 127 mm/sec (5 ips)

Max. Print Width 104 mm (4.09")

Zebra Printers Model GX430t

If you’re looking for a low entry cost, high quality label printer then the Zebra GK430t is probably the best solution. It provides the same high quality printed labels as some of our industrial printers, but at a fraction of the cost. As with many desktop printers it does have limited label storage but it can accept most of our standard stock thermal transfer labels (3” core), stored externally. Alternatively we can provide labels on a 1” core for internal storage. A range of resin & wax ribbons are available for printing on Polyimide, Polyesters, Vinyl and paper label materials.

Print Type Direct or Thermal Transfer
Resolution 12 dots/mm (300 dpi)
Max. Speed 102 mm/sec (4 ips)

Max. Print Width 104 mm (4.09")

Zebra Printers Model 110xi4

The Zebra 110Xi4 is the benchmark industrial label printer. It offers a high build quality, an unbeatable print performance and provides the user with a huge range of advanced features that makes it suitable for any demanding label printing application.
Large label and ribbon storage allows it to print 1,000’s labels before replacing stocks and it accepts our full range of labels and compatible ribbons.

Print Type Direct or Thermal Transfer
Resolution 8 dots/mm (203 dpi)
12 dots/mm (300 dpi)
23.5 dots/mm (600 dpi)
Max. Speed Up to 14 ips

Max. Print Width 102 mm (4")

Datamax Printers Model I4406

The Datamax I4406 offers high quality industrial label printer performance at a mid-range price. The 400dpi printhead delivers a very high quality printed label and is perfect for small part identification such as PCB barcode labels, serial number labels, component labelling and rating plate labels using Polyimide and Polyester materials. Accepts our full range of labels and compatible ribbons.

Print Type Direct or Thermal Transfer
Resolution 406 dpi
Max. Speed 150 mm/sec (6 ips)

Max. Print Width 104 mm (4.09")

Label Design and Printing Software

The most flexible label design software available, BarTender works with all thermal transfer printers to provide a simple yet powerful label design and print solution for any labelling application; For PCB labels incorporating serial number, batch/date codes, barcodes (including 2D Data Matrix), for product rating plate labels needing graphics, industry standard symbols & compliance approval fonts, for traceability, packaging and shipping labels needing database functionality and for automation applications where labels need to be created automatically when required.

Now available in 4 Editions with multi-user/multi printer license options. Please refer to the Quick Summary brochure for a full list of each edition’s features.

Filtronic Fume Extraction

Fume Extraction systems offering effective, balanced particulate and gas filters for applications such as the solder, glue and solvent fumes. In addition they offer a bench-top cleanroom cabinet that offers ISO Class 5 on a standard bench.

Portable Bench Fume Extraction

The Filtronic range of advanced, high efficiency portable bench fume extraction systems with combined particle and gas filter for better performance.

The standard broadband gas filter typically used for soldering can be used for a wide range of other applications including; Solvents, Gluing, Conformal Coating, Varnish & Paints & Laser Marking.

For clean-room solutions Filtronic offer a specific clean-room filter to meet the demanding requirements of this application.

A large selection of arms and nozzles allows full integration of the system into your workplace whatever the application.

Solder Iron Tip Fume Extraction

Filtronic solder iron tip fume extraction units eliminate smoke and gas from hand soldering processes. Unique clip-on kits, made to fit most of the soldering tools available on the market, make operation simple and flexible.

The FE4000 Dual soldering iron tip extraction system driven by electric motor, this system can be used where compressed air is not available.

These mobile bench top units suit the smaller workplace or where you want to be able to change the layout easily.

Fume Cabinet, Cupboard

The CBC-A’s unique air curtain concept protects the operator from dangerous gases and particles in the process and yet gives unlimited accessibility.

Due to the air curtain the fume cabinet also uses significantly less air when compared to a conventional suction cabinet therefore the running costs are 80% lower.

CBC-A is a mobile fume cabinet with no fixing required. It stands directly on the workbench and is easily connected to FT mobile filter system or to any existing central ventilation.

Clean Room Cabinet, Cupboard

The CBC-R can easily be placed on a work bench and requires no fixing. The working area has easy access, is protected by a unique air curtain to prevent dust and particles entering the cabinet and provides product protection to ISO Class 5.

The CBC-R cleannroom cabinet offers an excellent working environment for the operator with a low sound level of only 55dB (A), 4000 lux shadeless lighting which covers the entire working area and is very economical to run.

Martin Rework Equipment

BGA/CSP rework equipment including the Expert-09.6H for mobile phone rework and the HOTBeam03 underboard-heater which makes any manual soldering operation easier. The new Reball03.1 system makes BGA reballing very easy and even a single BGA re-ball is cost effective.

PCB Rework System

The Expert-09.6 rework system is capable of reworking all SMT devices (BGA, CSP & QFP) including the latest miniature components such as MicroSMDs, QFNs and LPPs.

With Large IR area heating and gentle top-heat technology this system needs very little training and is extremely competitively priced. If you’re currently looking at a new rework system don’t make a decision until you’ve seen the Expert09.6.

Rework Side Camera

The side rework camera enables the operator to confirm placement accuracy, monitor the reflow process (witnessing the solder becoming liquidous) and so mark the true melting point temperature, a valuable tool which aids quality control and speeds up profiling of new devices during BGA rework and rework of all types.


BGA Reball

The Reball 03.1 offers BGA reballing for virtually any BGA pattern or size.

BGA’s are simply set into the universal holder using the supplied frames; the universal masks in turn are masked to the relevant array with the use of kapton tape.

A range of BGA frames and Masks are available as standard and for high volume and special applications or for CSP’s and QFN’s we offer both standard and custom toolkits to suit all devices.

SMT Rework

A cost effective Rework system for all SMD components.

The Expert 0.46 offers Rework for common SMT components, the simplicity of the system achieves maximum performance for reliable solder joints at an extraordinary low price.

Manual Rework System

The Hot Jet 05 is a universal manual rework system allowing precise hot air regulation and with an optional gentle IR under-heater offers a very flexible solution for all manual soldering operations on surface mount printed circuit boards.

PCB Under Heater

Lead free manual soldering can be challenging, raising the temperature by 30°C puts more demand on the soldering iron and the operator. This increases risk for components and significantly reduces soldering tip life. However by using a HotBeam03 PCB underheater the soldering tip temperature can actually be lowered by approximately 50°C.

Rework Dispenser

The MARTIN Rework Dispenser 05.6 allows processing of all types of components such as QFP’s, BGA’s, CSP’s and QFN’s.

The Easy Dispense software provides a simple solution to creating accurate repeatable dispense patterns for all common components.

The Easy Dispense software provides a simple solution to creating accurate repeatable dispense patterns for all common components. Any dispensing programs not contained in the comprehensive program library can easily be established using CamDesigner or the editor. The Rework Dispenser 05.6 supports conformance to IPC standard A-610C and provides the assurance needed for reworking printed circuit boards with high and very high reliability requirements.

KIC Reflow Profiling

Thermal profiling and reflow monitoring systems including the KIC Explorer Thermal Datalogger, the KIC24-7 Thermal Manager and the KIC VISION system which eliminates all your daily verification profiling.

Reflow Oven Profiler

The KIC Explorer is a new generation of thermal profiler; compact in design this rugged, innovative reflow profiler can endure the harsh conditions of any reflow oven or wave solder production process.

Reflow Profile Software

The One-Best Process Set Up -- Automatically
Award-winning Optimisation tool

Eliminate the time and costs involved with finding the best recipe for your products. KIC’s powerful Navigator software is a system that automatically determines the single best reflow oven recipe for every product.

Reflow Oven 24/7 Monitoring

This system brings an innovative level of automation to the thermal process: around-the-clock reflow oven monitoring, SPC charting, analysis, documentation and production traceability - ALL in a single, intuitive product.

* TQM – Total Quality Management
* Full Traceability
* Profile history of every board produced
* Live production troubleshooting tool
* Zero defect production tool

ITECO Production Equipment

Component preforming & cropping machines, component counters, PCB storage & ESD handling solutions.

Component Counter

The County component counters are available as either mains or mains/battery units and are capable of counting axial and radial components including taped transistors. When combined with an SMD adaptor, it can provide a simple but accurate counting machine for all taped components.

The County-S motorised SMD Component Counter is a mains operated counter for all taped SMD's. Variable speed control and adjustable guides allow speedy counting of full or part used reels. A preset mode enables a fixed quantity count which is useful for splitting reels, or kitting smaller jobs.

Dry Cabinets & Baking Ovens

Professional forced ventilation PCB baking oven ideal for all thermostatic applications where a specific precision is needed.
- Drying components to reset the floor life clock.
- Drying PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) before the assembly
- Drying PBAs (Printed Boards Assembled) before the rework or repair.
- Pre-heating of the PCBs /PBAs to reduce the delta T °C before rework or repair

QUICK Soldering Iron

Fast response digital soldering iron with low cost tips.

* Temperature sensor close to tip for rapid thermal recovery
* Electromagnetic Heating
* Large LCD Displays Set and Actual Temperature
* Temperature range can be set for alarm, also password locking
* Time for auto-sleep and shut-off can be set
* Soldering tip is separate from heater for low running costs
* PC connection for group management of up to 64 units

Solder Products

Solder materials including the latest lead-free solder paste and solder wire products.

Solder Paste

PF606-P25D FORMOSA No-Clean Lead-Free Solder Paste.


* Excellent Wettability
* High Print Speed: Up to 120mm/Sec
* Low Voiding
* Stencil life > 8hrs
* Grain sizes 20-45 or 20-38

Solder Wire

Shenmao’s PF606-R lead-free solder wire incorporates the SAC Sn96.5Ag3.5Cu0.5 alloy but with a ROL1 flux for a more user friendly fast wetting and high quality solder joint.

Available in the following gauges:
0.3mm – 0.6mm, 0.8mm & 1.2mm

BGA & CSP Solder Spheres

Shenmao offer a range of Sn/Pb and lead-free BGA solder balls & CSP Spheres for packaging and component re-balling applications. These spheres are manufactured from the purest alloys in a precise way to offer the highest possible quality.

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