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At Link Instruments, we are a global supplier of quality products such as CO2 level indicators to the marine, fire safety, diving and electrical industries.

Our ULLC2001 ultrasonic liquid level indicator is used accurately around the globe as a reliable halo, FM200 and CO2 level indicator in liquid gas cylinders.

Liquid Level Indicators

We are an established instrument manufacturer specialising in liquid level indicators amongst various other items. Our ULLC2001 ultrasonic liquid level indicator is one of the most advanced on the market today. As well as being easy to use, it is designed to achieve a greater measurement precision.

Liquid Gas Levels

Our liquid gas level indicators are designed to measure the liquid gas levels of many applications such as fire extinguishers. Our liquid gas level indicators assure you many years of reliable service with quality of performance as an optimum feature.

Gas - Leak Detection

Gas leak detection is one of the areas we specialise in offering a comprehensive range of many products. Our LS1/B Leak Seeka gas leak detection device is a small lightweight handheld example coming with a fitted alarm and detector rate suitable for any application.

Calibration Service

We offer a full calibration service for our products, all designed and manufactured in the UK, UL listed and with international approvals.

We also offer a calibration service for our competitors’ products with a fast response to our customers’ needs.

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