Linker-Industrie-Technik GmbH


Test sieves: Grain size analysis in accordance with DIN ISO 3310-1 and DIN ISO 3310-2. We also conduct the AFNOR X11 and ASTM-E11 norms. Our test sieves are being checked in-factory with an inspection certificate EN 10 204.

General filters: Splatter screen, truncated cone sieve, fabric cylinder, perforate plate cylinder, fabric circular blank, screen baskets made out of metal wire-cloth and perforate plate.

Screen filters: Start up protection for pipelines protects downstream facilities like auxillary equipment, pumps and counters. Flange and walls made out of perforate plate, inside and outside covered in wire-cloth.

Cone strainers: Start up sieves, truncated cone sieves, double-conical start up filters, dirt traps, tube dirt traps, cone strainers with conical pointed design

Our products:
• test sieves
• filters in general
• temporary strainers, cone strainers
• laboratory sieves
• racks for test tubes
• screen filters
• screen cloth
• industrial screens

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