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Linmech is an independent company offering Design and Analysis support to industry and entrepreneurs. We employ experienced consultant and contract engineers with excellent industrial and consumer experience to assist you or your company in developing new and existing products.

We can supply support at all stages of the PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS, both on and off-site, creating parts, assemblies and fully toleranced drawings. We can develop your project from an idea into prototypes and finally into production, whether it be a single part or an entire product.

Each project is planned and developed with consideration for:

  • Product specifications
  • Schedule requirements
  • Marketing needs
  • Anticipated volumes and customer preferences

Products are designed using state of the art solid modeling CAD systems. From these CAD models, we can provide you with first rate prototypes, and access to extremely low cost, high volume manufacturing.

Projects are managed starting with an initial project proposal and a Product Development Plan, written specifically for your project. These documents describe in detail the exact work to be performed as well as the deliverables of the project.

Rapid Prototyping

At Linmech we have access to all the latest Rapid prototyping hardware. We can offer stereolithography, selective laser sintering, vacuum casting, thermojet molding and CNC machining as well as full 3D CAD file conversion, model finishing and painting.

From completion or receipt of a 3D CAD file – plastic prototypes can normally be turned around in 4 to 6 days and at very low cost.

For a same day quotation please email your file in any 3D format to

Rapid Prototyping

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design
The pressures of getting products to market faster, combined with advances in and lower costs of rapid prototyping technology have created this rapidly growing specialised sector. Almost every product you look at in your home or office will at some stage in the development process have been modelled or analysed on a computer system.

The CAD software business is also subdivided between two paradigms. The debate over which is best - solid or surface modelling systems - is a longstanding one. However, as a general rule the following characteristics tend to be true Solid systems tend to have better engineering capabilities including parametric construction history, where a part has 'intelligence' about the effects of changes to it or an assembly of which it is part. Surface systems tend to be able to describe more complex 'organic' forms and are often used by automotive and creative companies. They can also demonstrate more sophisticated rendering, animation and visualisation capabilities.
Revolutionising The Design Process
Linmech recognises the fact that CAD technology when properly harnessed is an integral factor in creating new products at lower costs and in tighter timescales, which yield higher margins. As a result we have found that one CAD software package is not enough and have therefore invested heavily in various solid and surface packages to suit our clients requirements and to maintain our position ahead of the competition.
Computer Aided Design

Product Development

Concept Design
At Linmech we are able to take an idea or concept and turn this into a fully associative solid model. We remove the need for graphic designers to produce pretty images of your product.

Engineering knowledge, manufacturability and practicality can be checked at this early concept stage. High quality images can be produced from our advanced rendering software, rapid prototypes can be made from our computer models and we can also prepare marketing presentations, all with large savings on time and money.

Solid Modelling

Linmech recognises the effective use of CAD tools has the benefits of allowing many configurations of product development, function and aesthetics to be assessed prior to manufacturing.

Once we have a solid or surface model we have the information to perform any required FE Analysis or simulation. We can also use this info to produce high quality rapid prototypes or drop the files into Hypershot to produce photo realistic renderings. In addition this 3D information can be communicated to anybody with a PC using one of our 3D pdf viewers, allowing easy 2 way communication during the design stage.

With freeform surfacing capabilities, Linmech engineers can quickly and easily create highly precise and distinctly aesthetic product designs. Design variants can be fully explored by making fully associative changes at any time. The result to our customers: better looking products that sell better and get to market faster.

Product Development

Detail Drafting

Using our state of the art software we can produce manufacturing detail drawings to very high standards. Linmech recognises the importance of a good checking and approval process when releasing drawings for manufacture or prototyping.

Drawing standards are changing all the time. At linmech we adhere to BS8888:2006 and ISO1101:2004. We can also slot seamlessly into any company standards you may have in place and can either utilise our own drawing borders or any company specific ones.

General Assembly drawings, Bills of materials and parts lists can also be included Detail drawings can be output in any format inc. dxf, dwg, dwf and pdf.

For More Information On Detail Drafting

Detail Drafting

Inventions and Patents

Linmech have helped numerous entrepreneurs with their ideas and inventions. We can offer advice on any patent issues, confidentiality agreements and routes to manufacturing.

Creating a professional product presentation is something that will impress a potential investor or manufacturer.

Linmech's team of experienced Engineers and designers can turn a set of rough sketches and calculations into a professional looking marketable product. We use 3D CAD tools to generate a fully associative 3D model - allowing us to investigate form and fit and to consider any possible manufacturing issues. From this model we can create a Photo realistic image of your product and display it within the environment of which it will be used. The information also allows us to produce fully detailed manufacturing drawings.

A good presentation of your invention is always very important - its all about first impressions..

For more information on Inventions and Patents

Inventions and Patents

Drawing Conversion

With 3D CAD popularity ever increasing, more companies are moving over from 2D to 3D. At Linmech we are able to convert all your existing 2D or paper drawings into your specified 3D software, thus making your transition into 3D less painful and more productive.

We can also advise you on software, hardware and set-up of your new investment.

More Information On Drawing Conversion

Drawing Conversion

Reverse Engineering

No need to worry if you don't possess any drawings of your products.

At Linmech we are able to perform Reverse Engineering. Using 3D scanners we have the ability to capture the surface information of your components and download this information into one of our 3D CAD systems where we can perform any modifications, analysis or produce identical components using our Rapid Prototyping methods.

More Information On Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Photo Realistic Rendering

Linmech's high quality visualisation and 3D CAD rendering services can be used in a wide range of different industries.

We specialise in creating photo realistic images from anything from a sketch or idea to a 2D drawing or 3D model. These images can be used for your marketing or sales department, giving the impression of a fully manufactured product or component before anything has actually been produced or signed off.

More Information On Photo Realistic Rendering

Photo Realistic Rendering

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