Linton Fuel Oils Ltd

We are fluid distribution specialists serving a wide range of industries. A particular area of expertise is with haulage fuels.

For the distribution of haulage fuels, we provide a prompt and reliable service. We supply fuels throughout the South East of England, including Surrey, Kent, Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Hampshire and London.

Our haulage fuels expertise includes:

  • Road fuels
  • Engine oils
  • Heavy duty lubricants

Agricultural Oil Products

As well as haulage fuels, we also provide agricultural oil products. Our agricultural oil products are market leading and include options such as super universal oils.

Further options in the comprehensive range:

  • Castrol agricultural specific range – with OEM approvals
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Own brand lubricants, meeting industry specifications
Agricultural Oil Products

Commercial Heating Fuels

For commercial heating fuels, we provide extensive, high-quality options. We provide commercial heating fuels for all types of building, from offices and factories to retail outlets and entertainment venues.

Commercial Heating Fuels

Road Fuels

We supply road fuels for a wide variety of requirements, applications and vehicles such as buses, coaches and trains. With road fuels, we provide a fast, reliable delivery service ensuring smooth operation and no disturbances to your business.

Our competitively priced diesel includes:

  • Bio Blend Diesel – a uniform mixture of two diesel fuels: a mineral distillate 95% and a vegetable distillate 5%. Bio-diesel is considered as environmentally favourable
  • DERV or ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel) – a distillate fuel manufactured from selected crude oils
Road Fuels

Off Highway Fuel Oils

We also supply off highway fuel oils. Our off highway fuel oils cater for all of your needs and our service guarantees the right products at the right time and cost.

Off highway products and services include:

Off Highway Fuel Oils

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