Lista (UK) Ltd

Lista's motto is "Making Workspace Work". We are the leading supplier of storage systems and workshop equipment, which can transform a workplace.

Our products:

  • Tool boxes
  • Drawer cabinets
  • Mobile cabinets
  • Workbenches
  • Electronic locking

We also stock: Partitioning material, tool storage, workstations, materials cabinets, shelving, mobile shelving, storage walls and heavy duty pull-out shelving.

Drawer Cabinets

We stock a range of drawer cabinets for distribution.

  1. Lista premium 75/200 drawer cabinets - Has a load capacity of 200 kg or 75 kg per drawer.
  2. Lisa selection 75 /200 drawer cabinets - Comes in 2 colours with a range of configuration, can load up to 200 kg or 75 kg per drawer.
  3. Lista selection 20/35 drawer cabinets - Stores lightweight goods and comes in 2 colours.
  4. Lisa caddy 20 tool cabinet - Is light weight but very sturdy. Kraftwerk tool sets on request
Drawer Cabinets


Lista stocks a comprehensive profile of workbenches, which meets a wide range of requirements.

  1. Lista premium 75/200 workbench - Comes in a wide range of substructure options and is built for heavy duty use.
  2. Lista selection 75/200 workbench - Comes in 2 colours and is our best seller in our premium range of products.
  3. Lista selection 20/35 workbenches - Is one of our more elegant workbench and is manufactured in 2 colours.
  4. Lista classis compact workbenches - Is a compact workbench and very robust.


Lista stock a range of workstations which can meet a range of requirements.


High Rise Shelving Systems

We know to get a good quality workshop or a high rise shelving you need budget control and planning. We know that a long-term investment in obtaining storage systems with workspace needs to be practical and flexible and be able to change when needed.

If you want a certain solution for any projects please just give us a call at the early stages and we will help you with your planning and consulting for free.


We stock a fantastic range of cabinets to meet a range of requirements.

  1. Premium 75/200 universal cabinets - Comes in 10 different colours with sliding / hinged doors and roller shutters.
  2. Selection 20 / 35 hinged door cabinets - Built in 2 colours.
  3. Selection 20 / 35 roller shutter cabinets - Built in 2 colours.
  4. Classic material cabinets - Designed with hinged / sliding doors and roller shutters.


We stock a range of shelving products that can meet your needs. Just tell us what you're looking for and we will match you up with the right shelving product for you.

  1. Premium 75/200 drawer storage wall
  2. Classic shelving systems
  3. Classic shelf storage wall
  4. Classic heavy duty pull out shelving systems

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