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LK Valves & Controls Ltd offer a wide range of valves, strainers and actuators held at our UK warehouse in Liverpool to facilitate rapid supply.

We supply to a wide range of industries, having particular focus on marine, shipping and offshore.

We have formal representation, stocking and distribution agreements with carefully chosen Class Approved partners who are world leading industrial and marine valve and actuator manufacturers.

We have a simple philosophy; to be the best. We are committed to providing our customers with a competitive, comprehensive and efficient valve and actuator supply service.

Official Supply Partners

LK Valves AB - Industrial & Marine Valves & Strainers For All Ship Systems.

Wouter Witzel - Industrial & Marine Butterfly & Check Valves.

Damcos - Hydraulic & Electro-Hydraulic Actuators & Control Equipment.

El-O-Matic - Electric & Pneumatic Actuators.

Winel - Marine Doors, Hatches, Flame Arresters And Tank Vent Check Valves.

Orbinox - Knife Gate Valves And Penstocks.

Truflo - Aluminium Bronze Ball Valves.

W&O - JIS Standard Industrial & Marine Valves & Flanges

Industrial & Marine Valves

LK Valves & Controls hold large stocks of industrial and marine gate, globe and check valves, SDNR and angle valves, wafer, wafer lugged and double flanged butterfly valves, straight through and angle storm valves, tank vent check valves, knife gate valves, and mud boxes.

Since it’s inception the company has been awarded many prestigious contracts including new build full ship supply, conversion and repair contracts. It has an established track record managing and delivering large projects.

LK Valves & Controls also gives a fast response service to Fleet Support & Ship Management Companies, delivering to ships at sea across the world.

Quick Closing Valves

LK Valves has worked intensively to improve and re-design their range of Quick Closing valves. The new range of LK Quick Closing Valves combines state of the art features such as integrated automatic fire release, universal release cylinder for manual, hydraulic or pneumatic activation and ultra compact design with an excellent performance / cost ratio.

The valves are Type Approved by DNV, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, ABS and Germinischer Lloyds.

The new quick closing valves can be activated either manually by wire or by LK Valves existing well proven complete system of hydraulic or pneumatic release stations.

Mud Boxes

LK Valves has improved and refined the well proven design of our mud boxes to match future market requirements.

Extra strength in the base has been achieved by incorporating a slightly curved design and casting cavities are avoided by ensuring the base and wall thickness are the same. This also reduces the overall weight.

Typical applications for mud boxes are in the cooling water and bilge water systems onboard vessels. They can also be used in other systems at sea as well as in land based industrial applications.

The new range includes both straight and angle type

Butterfly Valves

LK Valves & Controls are the appointed UK stockist & distributor for Wouter Witzel Eurovalve marine butterfly valves.

In 2016 this Dutch company celebrates 50 years of manufacturing the highest standard of butterfly valves. Their products meet the most stringent quality requirements and are extremely durable.

LK Valves hold large stocks of wafer, fully lugged and double flanged butterfly valves at our UK warehouse in Liverpool for immediate despatch. All valves are Type Approved by the major Classification Societies and are available with 3.1 certification.

Tank Vent Check Valves

LK Valves & Controls Ltd are the UK and Eire sole and exclusive agent, stockist and distributor for Winel tank vent check valves (vent heads).

Winel vent heads have been produced for over 40 years and Winel holds Type Approvals from the following Classification Societies: ABS, BV, CCS, CRS, DNV, GL, KRS, LRS, NKK, NSI, RINA & RMRS.

By using the Winel vent heads you have the advantage of a solid, maintenance free and fully automatic operating system. They can be used on any type of commercially used vessel, for yachts, navy vessels and offshore platforms.

They are available with all possible flange connections. LK Valves and Controls hold stock of the Winel ‘RM’ range with standard PN10 flange connection, sizes from DN40 upwards.

Pneumatic & Electric Actuators

LK Valves & Controls are a appointed UK stockist & distributor for El-O-Matic pneumatic & electric actuators

For over 30 years the El-O-Matic™ brands of pneumatic rack & pinion and electric valve actuators have been synonymous with a “fit and forget” ideology for quarter-turn and multi-turn valve requirements. LK Valves & Controls are now able to quickly supply a range of valves fitted with the dependable El-O-Matic range.

The performance of any actuator is vitally important to your production process. An actuator that does not function well often has serious consequences for the outcome of the process. That is why quality has been El-O-Matic's primary concept in actuator development. You'll find this reflected by the performance of their actuators, and the choice of high quality materials.

El-O-Matic pneumatic and electric actuators are reliable, quality products, continuously providing optimum performance under all circumstances.

Damcos Hydraulic Actuators

Due to their proven reliability, Damcos hydraulic and electro-hydraulic actuators have set the standard for the marine industry.

LK Valves & Controls have entered into a formal agreement with Emerson's Marine Tank Management Division to be their official distributor in the UK for Damcos hydraulic and electro-hydraulic actuators.

This means LK Valves & Controls are now the UK agent for both El-O-Matic and Damcos who are both part of the global Emerson Process Management organisation. The addition of the Damcos range of hydraulic actuators to our existing portfolio allows LK Valves and Controls to offer the Emerson solution for electric, pneumatic, hydraulic & electro-hydraulic valve actuation.

Knife Gate Valves

LK Valves & Controls are an appointed stockist and distributor for Orbonox Knife Gate Valves.

The company holds stocks of the Orbinox type 'EX' uni-directional valve both handwheel operated and double acting pneumatic actuator operated, available with both cast iron body and stainless steel body.

The type 'EB' bi-directional valve is stocked handwheel operated. The type 'XC' valve for use on hopper service is available on short lead time. Please contact LK Valves & Controls for further details.

Hinged Weather & Watertight Doors

LK Valves & Controls Ltd are the UK agent for Winel marine doors and hatches.

Winel's ship doors comprise both traditional clip doors and quick acting doors, called Musketeer® doors. The Winel Musketeer door is a successful product of their effort to offer a door which needs less maintenance and is easy to operate.

The patented Musketeer mechanism provides a maintenance free, easy adjustable and very easy to use door. No wonder this door is regarded the highest quality in weather- and watertight doors.

Watertight Sliding Doors

Winel watertight sliding doors are about safety and low total cost of ownership.

They are placed inside the vessel as an integrated part of watertight bulkheads.

Winel design and manufacture these doors to your requirements and in full compliance with the IMO/SOLAS safety regulations regarding class II and III doors.

Winel offer a proven design of a compact door and frame assembly with a very simple and reliable control system.

Hatches & Manhole Covers

Just like the doors, Winel hatches do not have standard dimensions. They are manufactured to your special requirements, of course as by the regulations of the Classification Societies.

Please contact LK Valves and Controls If you would like to have more information about Winel's extensive range of hatches.

JIS Valves

LK Valves & Controls Limited now hold in STOCK at their Liverpool warehouse a full range of Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) marine valves. Available for same day despatch to service the growing number of ships built in the far east now operating in and around UK waters.
Over £100k stock inventory held in our Liverpool premises covering a wide range of JIS valves & flanges for immediate despatch; JIS 5K,  JIS 10K, JIS 16K,  JIS 20K..

Please visit our web site to see the full range of JIS valves available.

Aluminium Bronze Ball Valves

Lk Valves & Controls Limited are now the appointed stockist and distributor for Truflo 'O'V series aluminium bronze ball valves, flanged & drilled PN16

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