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Lloyd Research (Projects) Ltd has designed a fast in circuit programmer (ICP).  It was designed for fast ’in-circuit’ serial programming.

Any micro controller or memory with a serial interface can be programmed with their fast in circuit programmer (ICP). It can produce algorithms when they are required. Their fast in circuit programmer (ICP) allows for serial numbers to be added for bespoke requirements.

The fast in circuit programmer (ICP) is compact and compresses downloaded data to a Motorola S format. This is a more efficient form than binary as no file data is needed for unused address ranges.

Fast in System Programmer (ISP)

Lloyd Research (Projects) Ltd offers a fast in system programmer (ISP). It has been specifically design for high speed programming and uses a high performance Renesas 32 MHz processor. 

Their fast in system programmer (ISP) is compatible with any memory or microcontroller with a serial interface. Algorithms are generated by the programmer when they are required. Their fast in system programmer (ISP) is available for unique requirements as serial numbers can be added.

The fast in system programmer (ISP) is small, no larger than a matchbox, and compresses downloaded data to a Motorola S format.

Gang Programmers

Lloyd Research (Projects) Ltd has two different types of Gang Programmers. Their gang programmers are perfect for the most popular micro controllers and they can be operated with or without a PC.

Their fxRAPIDO is the faster of the two models and can support a larger flash memory. It is fitted with a USB port which is ten times faster than a 115K baud link to a PC.

The M9000 is perfect for small micro controllers, including: Microchip PICs, Hitachi / Renesas H8s and 68HC705 and 908s from Motorola / Freescale. It also supports eproms and flash memory up to 32M bits.

Both of their gang programmers can be fitted with two identical socket modules or two different socket modules.

EEPROM Programmer

Their PC2400 is ideal for reprogramming EEPROMs in TV sets and similar products. Their EEPROM programmer is fitted with high-quality sockets for programming components.

Their EEPROM programmer has USB connectivity and can work with any model of PCA checksum appears on the display after all relevant functions.

Their EEPROM programmer can be used for in circuit programming and for field service programming. It is extremely easy to use and can read most common files.

Board Programmer

Their board programmer can be used for many programming applications. The programmer can be used for 8, 16 or 32 bit systems with or without parity. Their board programmers are specially designed with plug-in adaptors for each board type. Their board programmer has six power supplies allowing it to be used in almost all circumstances.

The board programmer offers fast data downloading using a USB port.  This makes it an ideal replacement for old board programmers which are no longer supported on modern PCs. Their board programmers have a large (128M bit) ram and its universal line supply allows it to be used almost anywhere.

Lloyd Research (Projects) Ltd

Lloyd Research (Projects) Ltd has over 25 years in the industry. They supply products to some of the largest Japanese electronics manufacturing companies and many well-known American blue chips.

Their programmers have been tested and approved by Intel, Texas Instruments, and SGS Thomson. This ensures they are producing high quality products to their customers. They specialise in fast in circuit programmers, fast in system programmers, gang programmers and EEPROM programmers.

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